Egg Patch Gravy – a Dish

Burning in my stomach made me to see the right bottom of my computer screen to find the time. I was shocked to see that it was 1:30 pm. I had no plans for my lunch. I prayed in my heart to the Lord, then,  and said loudly, ” Lord, give me this day and my Lunch”. Once inside the kitchen, casually my hand picked two onions and started peeling it. As you find the caption “Egg Patch Gravy  is the result of it. I found the taste of it was very good.


I wanted to prepare the dish for only one person, that was for myself, so the ratio was 1:1.

  1. One Egg – Beaten with two pinch of Salt, Turmeric and Pepper powder.
  2. One Onion of a medium size – chop it into small pieces.
  3. One Tomato of a medium size – cut it into small pieces.
  4. One Green chilli – cut it into medium size
  5. Coriander leaves – only select leaves for dressing
  6. 1/4 spoon salt
  7. Mix, grind and paste – half of the cut onion of the above, tomato and a tea spoon full  red-chilli powder and 2 Garlic (Lazen) pieces.



  1. In a frying pan pour 50 gm oil and heat the oil in half flame of the stove and spread the oil inside the pan by lightly lifting and tilting the pan in different directions on the stove for one minute.
  2. Put half of the cut onions and green chilli cut and stir it in the pan for one minute – Slightly increase the stove flame – now, add the grind mix paste and add half a cup of water and 1/4 spoon salt on the preparation, stir it. Reduce the flame of the stove to the minimum and cover the pan with the lid for five minutes. Off the stove flame and leave the preparation.


  1. Now Spray two or three spoon full oil  in an another flat pan heat it in small flame of the stove . Pour the beaten egg preparation, wait till the egg-mix get thick and brown in the bottom. Spray one spoon full oil on the top of the egg-mix in the pan . Then, turn the egg-mix in the pan to get the other side to get the thick and brown. Cut the fried egg-mix into required patches.
  2. Add the egg-patches in the Step-1 preparation. Mix them well, spread the coriander leave on the preparation and serve. (You can heat the mix for one or two minutes in slow flame on the  stove before it is served)

Comment by the author

When it is eaten with Chapattis, I prefer to eat with pickle and sliced-onion as a side dish.

All the best and enjoy the dish. Kindly make your comments.

  • Warning: This recipe “Egg Patch Gravy ” is the own experience of the author of this blog. The author of this blog is not responsible for any liability or claims and any adverse results.

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