Desire(d) What? Good? or Bad?- from the New Testament – Holy Bible (KJV)

I am no preacher, but, am a prime sinner and living in this world in HIS mercy. For a sinner like me too, when I read “The Holy Bible” KJV, God gave me the following verses in the context of “Desire(d)” in the New Testament, from The Holy Bible.

Mat 13:17 For verily I say unto you,
That many prophets and righteous  men have desired to see  those things which ye see,
and have not seen  them;
and to hear  those things which ye hear, and have not heard  them.

Mat 16:1 The Pharisees also with the Sadducees came,
and tempting desired him that he would shew them a sign from heaven.

Mat 18:32 Then his lord, after that he had called him, said unto him,
O thou wicked servant, I forgave thee all that debt,
because thou desiredst me:

33. Shouldest not thou also have had compassion on thy fellowservant,
even as I had pity on thee?
34. And his lord was wroth,
and delivered him to the tormentors,
till he should pay all that was due unto him.
35. So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you,
if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses.

Mar 9:35 And he sat down, and called the twelve,
and saith unto them,
If any man desire to be first,
the same shall be last of all,
and servant of all.

Mar 10:35 And James and John, the sons of Zebedee,
come unto him, saying, Master,
we would that thou shouldest do for us
whatsoever we shall desire.

Mar 11:24 Therefore I say unto you,
What things soever ye desire,
when ye pray, believe that ye receive  them,
and ye shall have  them.

Mar 15:6 Now at  that feast he released unto them one prisoner,
whomsoever they desired.
7. And there was  one named Barabbas,
which lay bound with them that had made insurrection with him,
who had committed murder in the insurrection.

Mar 15:8 And the multitude crying aloud
began to desire  him
to do as he had ever done unto them.

Luk 5:39 No man also having drunk old  wine straightway desireth new:
for he saith, The old is better.

Luk 7:36 And one of the Pharisees desired him that he would eat with him.
And he went into the Pharisee’s house, and sat down to meat.

Luk 9:9 And Herod said, John have I beheaded: but who is this,
of whom I hear such things? And he desired to see him.

Luk 10:24 For I tell you,
that many prophets and kings have desired to see those things which ye see,
and have not seen  them;
and to hear those things which ye hear,
and have not heard  them.

Luk 14:32 Or else, while the other is yet a great way off,
he sendeth an ambassage,
and desireth conditions of peace.

Luk 17:22 And he said unto the disciples,
The days will come,
when ye shall desire to see one of the days of the Son of man,
and ye shall not see  it.

Luk 20:46 Beware of the scribes, which desire to walk in long robes,
and love greetings in the markets,
and the highest seats in the synagogues,
and the chief rooms at feasts;

47. Which devour widows’ houses,
and for a shew make long prayers:
the same shall receive greater damnation.

Luk 22:15 And he said unto them,
With desire I have desired to eat this passover with you before I suffer:

16. For I say unto you,
I will not any more eat thereof,
until it be fulfilled in the kingdom of God.

Luk 22:31 And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold,
Satan hath desired  to have you,
that he may sift  you as wheat:

32. But I have prayed for thee,
that thy faith fail not:
and when thou art converted,
strengthen thy brethren.

Luk 23:25 And he released unto them him that for sedition
and murder was cast into prison, whom they had desired;
but he delivered Jesus to their will.

Joh 12:21 The same came therefore to Philip,
which was of Bethsaida of Galilee, and desired him,
saying, Sir, we would see Jesus.

Act 3:14 But ye denied the Holy One and the Just,
and desired a murderer to be granted unto you;

15. And killed the Prince of life,
whom God hath raised from the dead;
whereof we are witnesses.

Act 7:46 Who found favour before God,
and desired to find a tabernacle for the God of Jacob.

Act 8:31 And he said, How can I, except some man should guide me?
And he desired Philip that he would come up and sit with him.

Act 9:2 And desired of him letters to Damascus to the synagogues,
that if he found any of this way,
whether they were men or women,
he might bring them bound unto Jerusalem.

Act 12:20 And Herod was highly displeased with them of Tyre and Sidon:
but they came with one accord to him, and,
having made Blastus the king’s chamberlain their friend,
desired peace; because their country was nourished by the king’s  country.

Act 13:7 Which was with the deputy of the country,
Sergius Paulus, a prudent man; who called for Barnabas and Saul,
and desired to hear the word of God.

Act 13:21 And afterward they desired a king:
and God gave unto them Saul the son of Cis, a man of the tribe of Benjamin,
by the space of forty years.

Act 13:28 And though they found no cause of death  in him,
yet desired they Pilate that he should be slain.

Act 16:39 And they came and besought them, and brought  them out,
and desired  them to depart out of the city.

Act 18:20 When they desired  him to tarry longer time with them,
he consented not;

21. But bade them farewell, saying,
I must by all means keep this feast that cometh in Jerusalem:
but I will return again unto you, if God will.
And he sailed from Ephesus.

Act 23:20 And he said, The Jews have agreed to desire thee
that thou wouldest bring down Paul to morrow into the council,
as though they would enquire somewhat of him more perfectly.

Act 25:3 And desired favour against him,
that he would send for him to Jerusalem,
laying wait in the way to kill him.

Act 28:14 Where we found brethren,
and were desired to tarry with them seven days:
and so we went toward Rome.

Act 28:22 But we desire to hear of thee what thou thinkest:
for as concerning this sect, we know that every where it is spoken against.

Rom 10:1 Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is,
that they might be saved.

Rom 15:23 But now having no more place in these parts,
and having a great desire these many years to come unto you;

24. Whensoever I take my journey into Spain, I will come to you:
for I trust to see you in my journey,
and to be brought on my way thitherward by you,
if first I be somewhat filled with your  company.

1Co 14:1 Follow after charity,
and desire spiritual  gifts,
but rather that ye may prophesy.

1Co 16:12 As touching  our brother Apollos,
I greatly desired him to come unto you with the brethren:
but his will was not at all to come at this time;
but he will come when he shall have convenient time.

2Co 7:7 And not by his coming only,
but by the consolation wherewith he was comforted in you,
when he told us your earnest desire, your mourning,
your fervent mind toward me;
so that I rejoiced the more.

2Co 7:11 For behold this selfsame thing,
that ye sorrowed after a godly sort,
what carefulness it wrought in you, yea,
what clearing of yourselves, yea,
what indignation, yea,
what fear, yea,
what vehement desire, yea,
what zeal, yea,
what revenge!
In all  things ye have approved yourselves to be clear in this matter.

2Co 8:6 Insomuch that we desired Titus,
that as he had begun,
so he would also finish in you the same grace also.

2Co 11:12 But what I do, that I will do,
that I may cut off occasion from them
which desire occasion; that wherein they glory,
they may be found even as we.

2Co 12:6 For though I would desire to glory,
I shall not be a fool;
for I will say the truth: but  now I forbear,
lest any man should think of me above that which he seeth me  to be,
or  that he heareth of me.

2Co 12:18 I desired Titus, and with  him I sent a brother.
Did Titus make a gain of you?
walked we not in the same spirit?
walked we not in the same steps?

Gal 4:9 But now, after that ye have known God,
or rather are known of God,
how turn ye again to the weak and beggarly elements,
whereunto ye desire again to be in bondage?

Gal 4:20 I desire to be present with you now,
and to change my voice;
for I stand in doubt of you.

Gal 4:21 Tell me, ye that desire to be under the law,
do ye not hear the law?

Gal 6:12 As many as desire to make a fair shew in the flesh,
they constrain you to be circumcised;
only lest they should suffer persecution for the cross of Christ.

Gal 6:13 For neither they themselves who are circumcised keep the law;
but desire to have you circumcised,
that they may glory in your flesh.

Eph 2:3 Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh,
fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind;
and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others.

Eph 3:13 Wherefore I desire that ye faint not at my tribulations for you,
which is your glory.

Phi 1:23 For I am in a strait betwixt two,
having a desire to depart,
and to be with Christ; which is far better:

24. Nevertheless to abide in the flesh  is more needful for you.

Phi 4:17 Not because I desire a gift:
but I desire fruit that may abound to your account.

Col 1:9 For this cause we also, since the day we heard  it,
do not cease to pray for you,
and to desire that ye might be filled with the knowledge of his will
in all wisdom and spiritual understanding;

10. That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing,
being fruitful in every good work,
and increasing in the knowledge of God;
11. Strengthened with all might,
according to his glorious power,
unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness;
12. Giving thanks unto the Father,
which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light:
13. Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness,
and hath translated  us into the kingdom of his dear Son:
14. In whom we have redemption through his blood,
even the forgiveness of sins:
15. Who is the image of the invisible God,
the firstborn of every creature:
16. For by him were all things created,
that are in heaven,
and that are in earth,
visible and invisible,
whether  they be thrones,
or dominions,
or principalities, or powers:
all things were created by him, and for him:
17. And he is before all things,
and by him all things consist.

1Th 2:17 But we, brethren, being taken from you for a short time in presence,
not in heart, endeavoured the more abundantly
to see your face with great desire.

1Ti 3:1 This  is a true saying,
If a man desire the office of a bishop,
he desireth a good work.

Heb 6:11 And we desire that every one of you do shew
the same diligence to the full assurance of hope unto the end:

12. That ye be not slothful,
but followers of them who through faith
and patience inherit the promises.

Heb 11:16 But now they desire a better  country,
that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is
not ashamed to be called their God:
for he hath prepared for them a city.

Jam 4:2 Ye lust, and have not: ye kill,
and desire to have, and cannot obtain:
ye fight and war, yet ye have not,
because ye ask not.

1Pe 1:12 Unto whom it was revealed,
that not unto themselves,
but unto us they did minister the things,
which are now reported unto you by them
that have preached the gospel unto you
with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven;
which things the angels desire to look into.

1Pe 2:2 As newborn babes,
desire the sincere milk of the word,
that ye may grow thereby:

3. If so be ye have tasted that the Lord  is gracious.

1Jo 5:15 And if we know that he hear us,
whatsoever we ask,
we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.

Rev 9:6 And in those days shall men seek death,
and shall not find it;
and shall desire to die,
and death shall flee from them.

Word Web meaning for “Desire” (hope, trust, want. . )

Noun: desire   di’zI(-u)r
1. The feeling that accompanies an unsatisfied state
2. An inclination to want things “a man of many desires”
3. Something that is desired
Verb: desire
1. Feel or have a desire for; want strongly
2. Expect and wish
3. Express a desire for

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