“doings” mentioned in the entire Holy Bible (KJV)

doingsEven a child is known by his doings,
whether his work be pure,
and whether it be right. – Proverbs 20:11 

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I am no preacher, but, am a prime sinner and living in this world in HIS mercy. For a sinner like me too, when I read “The Holy Bible” KJV,  the following verses were given in the context of doings in the entire Holy Bilble (KJV).

Leviticus 18:3  After the doings of the land of Egypt, wherein ye dwelt, shall ye not do:
and after the doings of the land of Canaan,
whither I bring you, shall ye not do:
neither shall ye walk in their ordinances.

Deuteronomy 28:20  The LORD shall send upon thee cursing, vexation,
and rebuke, in all that thou settest thine hand unto for to do,
until thou be destroyed, and until thou perish quickly;
because of the wickedness of thy doings, whereby thou hast forsaken me.

Judges 2:19  And it came to pass, when the judge was dead, that they returned,
and corrupted themselves more than their fathers,
in following other gods to serve them,
and to bow down unto them;
they ceased not from their own doings, nor from their stubborn way.

1 Samuel 25:3  Now the name of the man was Nabal;
and the name of his wife Abigail:
and she was a woman of good understanding,
and of a beautiful countenance:
but the man was churlish and evil in his doings;
and he was of the house of Caleb.

2 Chronicles 17:4  But sought to the Lord God of his father,
and walked in his commandments,
and not after the doings of Israel.

Psalms 9:11  Sing praises to the LORD, which dwelleth in Zion:
declare among the people his doings.

Psalms 77:12  I will meditate also of all thy work,
and talk of thy doings.

Proverbs 20:11  Even a child is known by his doings,
whether his work be pure,
and whether it be right.

Isaiah 1:16  Wash you, make you clean;
put away the evil of your doings
from before mine eyes; cease to do evil;

Isaiah 3:8  For Jerusalem is ruined, and Judah is fallen:
because their tongue and their doings are against the LORD,
to provoke the eyes of his glory.

Isaiah 3:10  Say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well with him:
for they shall eat the fruit of their doings.

Isaiah 12:4  And in that day shall ye say, Praise the LORD,
call upon his name, declare his doings among the people,
make mention that his name is exalted.

Jeremiah 4:4  Circumcise yourselves to the LORD,
and take away the foreskins of your heart,
ye men of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem:
lest my fury come forth like fire,
and burn that none can quench it,
because of the evil of your doings.

Jeremiah 4:18  Thy way and thy doings have procured these things unto thee;
this is thy wickedness, because it is bitter,
because it reacheth unto thine heart.

Jeremiah 7:3  Thus saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel,
Amend your ways and your doings,
and I will cause you to dwell in this place.

Jeremiah 7:5  For if ye throughly amend your ways and your doings;
if ye throughly execute judgment between a man and his neighbour;

Jeremiah 11:18  And the LORD hath given me knowledge of it, and I know it:
then thou shewedst me their doings.

Jeremiah 17:10  I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins,
even to give every man according to his ways,
and according to the fruit of his doings.

Jeremiah 18:11  Now therefore go to, speak to the men of Judah,
and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, saying,
Thus saith the LORD; Behold, I frame evil against you,
and devise a device against you:
return ye now every one from his evil way,
and make your ways and .

Jeremiah 21:12  O house of David, thus saith the LORD;
Execute judgment in the morning,
and deliver him that is spoiled out of the hand of the oppressor
your doings good,
lest my fury go out like fire,
and burn that none can quench it,
because of the evil of your doings.

Jeremiah 21:14  But I will punish you according to the fruit of your doings, saith the LORD: and I will kindle a fire in the forest thereof,
and it shall devour all things round about it.

Jeremiah 23:2  Therefore thus saith the LORD God of Israel
against the pastors that feed my people;
Ye have scattered my flock,
and driven them away,
and have not visited them:
behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the LORD.

Jeremiah 23:22  But if they had stood in my counsel,
and had caused my people to hear my words,
then they should have turned them from their evil way,
and from the evil of their doings.

Jeremiah 25:5  They said, Turn ye again now every one from his evil way,
and from the evil of your doings,
and dwell in the land that the LORD hath given unto you
and to your fathers for ever and ever:

Jeremiah 26:3  If so be they will hearken, and turn every man from his evil way,
that I may repent me of the evil,
which I purpose to do unto them because of the evil of their doings.

Jeremiah 26:13  Therefore now amend your ways and your doings,
and obey the voice of the LORD your God;
and the LORD will repent him of the evil
that he hath pronounced against you.

Jeremiah 32:19  Great in counsel, and mighty in work:
for thine eyes are open upon all the ways of the sons of men:
to give every one according to his ways,
and according to the fruit of his doings:

Jeremiah 35:15  I have sent also unto you all my servants the prophets,
rising up early and sending them, saying,
Return ye now every man from his evil way,
and amend your doings,
and go not after other gods to serve them,
and ye shall dwell in the land which I have given to you and to your fathers:
but ye have not inclined your ear, nor hearkened unto me.

Jeremiah 44:22  So that the LORD could no longer bear,
because of the evil of your doings,
and because of the abominations which ye have committed;
therefore is your land a desolation,
and an astonishment,
and a curse, without an inhabitant, as at this day.

Ezekiel 14:22  Yet, behold, therein shall be left a remnant
that shall be brought forth, both sons and daughters:
behold, they shall come forth unto you,
and ye shall see their way and their doings:
and ye shall be comforted concerning the evil
that I have brought upon Jerusalem,
even concerning all that I have brought upon it.

Ezekiel 14:23  And they shall comfort you,
when ye see their ways and their doings:
and ye shall know that I have not done
without cause all that I have done in it, saith the Lord GOD.

Ezekiel 20:43  And there shall ye remember your ways, and all your doings,
wherein ye have been defiled;
and ye shall lothe yourselves in your own sight
for all your evils that ye have committed.

Ezekiel 20:44  And ye shall know that I am the LORD,
when I have wrought with you for my name’s sake,
not according to your wicked ways,
nor according to your corrupt doings,
O ye house of Israel, saith the Lord GOD.

Ezekiel 21:24  Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD;
Because ye have made your iniquity to be remembered,
in that your transgressions are discovered,
so that in all your doings your sins do appear;
because, I say, that ye are come to remembrance,
ye shall be taken with the hand.

Ezekiel 24:14  I the LORD have spoken it: it shall come to pass,
and I will do it; I will not go back, neither will I spare,
neither will I repent; according to thy ways,
and according to thy doings, shall they judge thee, saith the Lord GOD.

Ezekiel 36:17  Son of man, when the house of Israel dwelt in their own land,
they defiled it by their own way and by their doings:
their way was before me as the uncleanness of a removed woman.

Ezekiel 36:19  And I scattered them among the heathen,
and they were dispersed through the countries:
according to their way and according to their doings I judged them.

Ezekiel 36:31  Then shall ye remember your own evil ways,
and your doings that were not good,
and shall lothe yourselves in your own sight
for your iniquities and for your abominations.

Hosea 4:9  And there shall be, like people, like priest:
and I will punish them for their ways,
and reward them their doings.

Hosea 5:4  They will not frame their doings to turn unto their God:
for the spirit of whoredoms is in the midst of them,
and they have not known the LORD.

Hosea 7:2  And they consider not in their hearts that I remember all their wickedness:
now their own doings have beset them about;
they are before my face.

Hosea 9:15  All their wickedness is in Gilgal:
for there I hated them:
for the wickedness of their doings
I will drive them out of mine house,
I will love them no more:
all their princes are revolters.

Hosea 12:2  The LORD hath also a controversy with Judah,
and will punish Jacob according to his ways;
according to his doings will he recompense him.

Micah 2:7  O thou that art named the house of Jacob,
is the spirit of the LORD straitened?
are these his doings?
do not my words do good to him that walketh uprightly?

Micah 3:4  Then shall they cry unto the LORD, but he will not hear them:
he will even hide his face from them at that time,
as they have behaved themselves ill in their doings.

Micah 7:13  Notwithstanding the land shall be desolate because of them that dwell therein,
for the fruit of their doings.

Zephaniah 3:7  I said, Surely thou wilt fear me,
thou wilt receive instruction;
so their dwelling should not be cut off,
howsoever I punished them:
but they rose early, and corrupted all their doings.

Zephaniah 3:11  In that day shalt thou not be ashamed for all thy doings,
wherein thou hast transgressed against me:
for then I will take away out of the midst of thee them
that rejoice in thy pride,
and thou shalt no more be haughty because of my holy mountain.

Zechariah 1:4  Be ye not as your fathers, unto whom the former prophets have cried, saying,
Thus saith the LORD of hosts;
Turn ye now from your evil ways,
and from your evil doings:
but they did not hear, nor hearken unto me, saith the LORD.

Zechariah 1:6  But my words and my statutes,
which I commanded my servants the prophets,
did they not take hold of your fathers?
and they returned and said,
Like as the LORD of hosts thought to do unto us,
according to our ways,
and according to our doings, so hath he dealt with us.

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“Thou Art” mentioned in the New Testament (KJV)


Nathanael answered and saith unto him,
Rabbi, thou art the Son of God;
thou art the King of Israel. – Joh 1:49

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I am no preacher, but, am a prime sinner and living in this world in HIS mercy. For a sinner like me too, when I read “The Holy Bible” KJV,  the following verses were given in the context of “Thou art” from the New Testament (KJV).

Mat 5:25 Agree with thine adversary quickly,
whiles thou art in the way with him;
lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge,
and the judge deliver thee to the officer,
and thou be cast into prison.

Mat 14:33 Then they that were in the ship came and worshipped him,
saying, Of a truth thou art the Son of God.

Mat 16:14 And they said, Some  say that thou art John the Baptist:
some, Elias; and others, Jeremias,
or one of the prophets.

Mat 16:16 And Simon Peter answered and said,
Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.

Mat 16:18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter,
and upon this rock I will build my church;
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Mat 16:23 But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan:
thou art an offence unto me:
for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.

Mat 22:16 And they sent out unto him their disciples with the Herodians,
saying, Master, we know that thou art true,
and teachest the way of God in truth,
neither carest thou for any  man:
for thou regardest not the person of men.

Mat 25:24 Then he which had received the one talent came and said, Lord,
I knew thee that thou art an hard man,
reaping where thou hast not sown,
and gathering where thou hast not strawed:

Mar 1:11 And there came a voice from heaven,
saying, Thou art my beloved Son,
in whom I am well pleased.

Mar 3:11 And unclean spirits, when they saw him,
fell down before him, and cried, saying,
Thou art the Son of God.

Mar 8:29 And he saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am?
And Peter answereth and saith unto him, Thou art the Christ.

Mar 12:14 And when they were come, they say unto him,
Master, we know that thou art true, and carest for no man:
for thou regardest not the person of men,
but teachest the way of God in truth:
Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar, or not?

Mar 12:34 And when Jesus saw that he answered discreetly,
he said unto him, Thou art not far from the kingdom of God.
And no man after that durst ask him  any question.

Mar 14:70 And he denied it again.
And a little after, they that stood by said again to Peter,
Surely thou art  one of them:
for thou art a Galilaean,
and thy speech agreeth  thereto.

Luk 3:22 And the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon him,
and a voice came from heaven, which said,
Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased.

Luk 4:41 And devils also came out of many, crying out,
and saying, Thou art Christ the Son of God.
And he rebuking  them suffered them not to speak:
for they knew that he was Christ.

Luk 10:41 And Jesus answered and said unto her,
Martha, Martha, thou art careful
and troubled about many things:

Luk 12:58 When thou goest with thine adversary to the magistrate,
as thou art in the way, give diligence that thou mayest be delivered from him;
lest he hale thee to the judge,
and the judge deliver thee to the officer,
and the officer cast thee into prison.

Luk 13:12 And when Jesus saw her,
he called  her to him, and said unto her,
Woman, thou art loosed from thine infirmity.

Luk 14:8 When thou art bidden of any  man to a wedding,
sit not down in the highest room;
lest a more honourable man than thou be bidden of him;

Luk 14:10 But when thou art bidden,
go and sit down in the lowest room;
that when he that bade thee cometh,
he may say unto thee, Friend, go up higher:
then shalt thou have worship in the presence of them that sit at meat with thee.

Luk 15:31 And he said unto him, Son,
thou art ever with me,
and all that I have is thine.

Luk 16:25 But Abraham said, Son,
remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things,
and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted,
and thou art tormented.

Luk 19:21 For I feared thee, because thou art an austere man:
thou takest up that thou layedst not down,
and reapest that thou didst not sow.

Luk 22:32 But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not:
and when thou art converted,
strengthen thy brethren.

Luk 22:58 And after a little while another saw him, and said,
Thou art also of them.
And Peter said, Man, I am not.

Luk 23:40 But the other answering rebuked him,
saying, Dost not thou fear God,
seeing thou art in the same condemnation?

Joh 1:42 And he brought him to Jesus. And when Jesus beheld him, he said,
Thou art Simon the son of Jona:
thou shalt be called Cephas,
which is by interpretation, A stone.

Joh 1:49 Nathanael answered and saith unto him,
Rabbi, thou art the Son of God;
thou art the King of Israel.

Joh 3:2 The same came to Jesus by night, and said unto him,
Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God:
for no man can do these miracles that thou doest,
except God be with him.

Joh 4:19 The woman saith unto him,
Sir, I perceive that thou art a prophet.

Joh 5:14 Afterward Jesus findeth him in the temple,
and said unto him, Behold, thou art made whole:
sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.

Joh 6:69 And we believe and are sure that thou art that Christ,
the Son of the living God.

Joh 8:48 Then answered the Jews, and said unto him,
Say we not well that thou art a Samaritan,
and hast a devil?

Joh 8:57 Then said the Jews unto him,
Thou art not yet fifty years old,
and hast thou seen Abraham?

Joh 9:28 Then they reviled him, and said, Thou art his disciple;
but we are Moses’ disciples.

Joh 11:27 She saith unto him, Yea, Lord:
I believe that thou art the Christ, the Son of God,
which should come into the world.

Joh 19:12 And from thenceforth Pilate sought to release him:
but the Jews cried out, saying,
If thou let this man go,
thou art not Caesar’s friend:
whosoever maketh himself a king speaketh against Caesar.

Act 8:23 For I perceive that thou art in the gall of bitterness,
and  in the bond of iniquity.

Act 10:33 Immediately therefore I sent to thee;
and thou hast well done that thou artcome.
Now therefore are we all here present before God,
to hear all things that are commanded thee of God.

Act 12:15 And they said unto her, Thou art mad.
But she constantly affirmed that it was even so.
Then said they, It is his angel.

Act 13:33 God hath fulfilled the same unto us their children,
in that he hath raised up Jesus again;
as it is also written in the second psalm,
Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee.

Act 21:22 What is it therefore?
the multitude must needs come together:
for they will hear that thou art come.

Act 26:1 Then Agrippa said unto Paul,
Thou art permitted to speak for thyself.
Then Paul stretched forth the hand,
and answered for himself:

Act 26:24 And as he thus spake for himself,
Festus said with a loud voice,
Paul, thou art beside thyself;
much learning doth make thee mad.

Rom 2:1 Therefore thou art inexcusable,
O man, whosoever thou art that judgest:
for wherein thou judgest another,
thou condemnest thyself;
for thou that judgest doest the same things.

Rom 2:17 Behold, thou art called a Jew,
and restest in the law,
and makest thy boast of God,

Rom 3:4 God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar;
as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings,
and mightest overcome when thou art judged.

Gal 4:7 Wherefore thou art no more a servant, but a son;
and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ.

1Ti 6:12 Fight the good fight of faith,
lay hold on eternal life,
whereunto thou art also called,
and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.

Heb 1:5 For unto which of the angels said he at any time,
Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee?
And again, I will be to him a Father,
and he shall be to me a Son?

Heb 1:12 And as a vesture shalt thou fold them up,
and they shall be changed:
but thou art the same,
and thy years shall not fail.

Heb 2:6 But one in a certain place testified,
saying, What is man, that thou art mindful of him?
or the son of man, that thou visitest him?

Heb 5:5 So also Christ glorified not himself to be made an high priest;
but he that said unto him,
Thou art my Son,
to day have I begotten thee.

Heb 12:5 And ye have forgotten the exhortation
which speaketh unto you as unto children,
My son, despise not thou the chastening of the Lord,
nor faint when thou art rebuked of him:

Jam 2:11 For he that said, Do not commit adultery,
said also, Do not kill.
Now if thou commit no adultery,
yet if thou kill,
thou art become a transgressor of the law.

Jam 4:11 Speak not evil one of another, brethren.
He that speaketh evil of  his brother,
and judgeth his brother,
speaketh evil of the law,
and judgeth the law:
but if thou judge the law,
thou art not a doer of the law,
but a judge.

Rev 2:5 Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen,
and repent,
and do the first works;
or else I will come unto thee quickly,
and will remove thy candlestick out of his place,
except thou repent.

Rev 2:9 I know thy works,
and tribulation,
and poverty, (but thou art rich)
and  I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews,
and are not, but
are the synagogue of Satan.

Rev 3:15 I know thy works,
that thou art neither cold nor hot:
I would thou wert cold or hot.

Rev 3:16 So then because thou art lukewarm,
and neither cold nor hot,
I will spue thee out of my mouth.

Rev 3:17 Because thou sayest, I am rich,
and increased with goods, and have need of nothing;
and knowest not that thou art wretched,
and miserable,
and poor,
and blind,
and naked:

Rev 4:11 Thou art worthy, O Lord,
to receive glory and honour and power:
for thou hast created all things,
and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

Rev 5:9 And they sung a new song, saying,
Thou art worthy to take the book,
and to open the seals thereof:
for thou wast slain,
and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred,
and tongue,
and people,
and nation;

Rev 16:5 And I heard the angel of the waters say,
Thou art righteous, O Lord, which art,
and wast, and shalt be,
because thou hast judged thus.

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“urged” – mentioned in the Holy Bible (KJV)

Courtesy: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Abraham_van_Dijck_Der_Prophet_Elisa_weist_Naamans_Gaben_zur%C3%BCck_c1655.jpgAnd Naaman said, Be content,
take two talents.
And he urged him,
and bound two talents of silver in two bags,

with two changes of garments,
and laid them upon two of his servants;
and they bare them before him.
2 Kings 5:23  

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I am no preacher, but, am a prime sinner and living in this world in HIS mercy. For a sinner like me too, when I read “The Holy Bible” KJV,  the following verses were given in the context of “urged”.

Genesis 33:11   Take, I pray thee, my blessing that is brought to thee;
because God hath dealt graciously with me,
and because I have enough.
And he urged him, and he took it.

Judges 16:16   And it came to pass, when she pressed him daily with her words,
and urged him, so that his soul was vexed unto death;

Judges 19:7   And when the man rose up to depart,
his father in law urged him:
therefore he lodged there again.

2 Kings 2:17   And when they urged him till he was ashamed, he said, Send.
They sent therefore fifty men;
and they sought three days, but found him not.

2 Kings 5:16   But he said, As the LORD liveth, before whom I stand,
I will receive none.
And he urged him to take it;
but he refused.

2 Kings 5:23   And Naaman said, Be content, take two talents.
And he urged him, and bound two talents of silver in two bags,
with two changes of garments,
and laid them upon two of his servants;
and they bare them before him.

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“truth” mentioned in the New Testament (KJV)


Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds,
and destitute of the truth,
supposing that gain is godliness:
from such withdraw thyself. –
1Ti 6:5

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I am no preacher, but, am a prime sinner and living in this world in HIS mercy. For a sinner like me too, when I read “The Holy Bible” KJV,  the following verses were given in the context of “truth” from the New Testament (KJV).

Mat 14:33 Then they that were in the ship came and worshipped him,
saying, Of a truth thou art the Son of God.

Mat 15:27 And she said, Truth, Lord:
yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table.

Mat 22:16 And they sent out unto him their disciples with the Herodians, saying,
Master, we know that thou art true,
and teachest the way of God in truth,
neither carest thou for any  man:
for thou regardest not the person of men.

Mar 5:33 But the woman fearing and trembling,
knowing what was done in her,
came and fell down before him,
and told him all the truth.

Mar 12:14 And when they were come, they say unto him, Master, we know that thou art true,
and carest for no man: for thou regardest not the person of men,
but teachest the way of God in truth:
Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar, or not?

Mar 12:32 And the scribe said unto him, Well, Master, thou hast said the truth:
for there is one God; and there is none other but he:

Luk 4:25 But I tell you of a truth, many widows were in Israel in the days of Elias,
when the heaven was shut up three years and six months,
when great famine was throughout all the land;

Luk 9:27 But I tell you of a truth, there be some standing here,
which shall not taste of death,
till they see the kingdom of God.

Luk 12:44 Of a truth I say unto you, that he will make him ruler over all that he hath.

Luk 21:3 And he said, Of a truth I say unto you,
that this poor widow hath cast in more than they all:

Luk 22:59 And about the space of one hour after another confidently affirmed,
saying, Of a truth this  fellow also was with him: for he is a Galilaean.

Joh 1:14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us,
(and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,)
full of grace and truth.

Joh 1:17 For the law was given by Moses,
but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

Joh 3:21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light,
that his deeds may be made manifest,
that they are wrought in God.

Joh 4:23 But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers
shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth:
for the Father seeketh such to worship him.

Joh 4:24 God  is a Spirit: and they that worship him
must worship him in spirit and in truth.

Joh 5:33 Ye sent unto John, and he bare witness unto the truth.

Joh 6:14 Then those men, when they had seen the miracle that Jesus did, said,
This is of a truth that prophet that should come into the world.

Joh 7:40 Many of the people therefore, when they heard this saying, said,
Of a truth this is the Prophet.

Joh 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Joh 8:40 But now ye seek to kill me, a man that hath told you the truth,
which I have heard of God: this did not Abraham.

Joh 8:44 Ye are of  your father the devil,
and the lusts of your father ye will do.
He was a murderer from the beginning,
and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him.
When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar,
and the father of it.

Joh 8:45 And because I tell  you the truth, ye believe me not.

Joh 8:46 Which of you convinceth me of sin?
And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me?

Joh 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth,
and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Joh 14:17  Even the Spirit of truth;
whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not,
neither knoweth him
: but ye know him;
for he dwelleth with you,
and shall be in you.

Joh 15:26 But when the Comforter is come,
whom I will send unto you from the Father,
even the Spirit of truth,
which proceedeth from the Father,
he shall testify of me:

Joh 16:7 Nevertheless I tell you the truth;
It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away,
the Comforter will not come
unto you;
but if I depart, I will send him unto you.

Joh 16:13 Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come,
he will guide you into all truth:
for he shall not speak of himself;
but whatsoever he shall hear,  that shall he speak:
and he will shew you things to come.

Joh 17:17 Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.

Joh 17:19 And for their sakes I sanctify myself,
that they also might be sanctified through the truth.

Joh 18:37 Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then?
Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king.
To this end was I born,
and for this cause came I into the world,
that I should bear witness unto the truth.
Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.

Joh 18:38 Pilate saith unto him, What is truth?
And when he had said this,
he went out again unto the Jews,
and saith unto them, I find in him no fault  at all.

Act 4:27 For of a truth against thy holy child Jesus,
whom thou hast anointed, both Herod,
and Pontius Pilate, with the Gentiles,
and the people of Israel, were gathered together,

Act 10:34 Then Peter opened  his mouth,
and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:

Act 26:25 But he said, I am not mad, most noble Festus;
but speak forth the words of truth and soberness.

Rom 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven
against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men,
who hold the truth in unrighteousness;

Rom 1:25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie,
and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator,
who is blessed for ever. Amen.

Rom 2:2 But we are sure that the judgment of God is according to truth against them
which commit such things.

Rom 2:8 But unto them that are contentious,
and do not obey the truth,
but obey unrighteousness,
indignation and wrath,

Rom 2:20 An instructor of the foolish, a teacher of babes,
which hast the form of knowledge and of the truth in the law.

Rom 3:7 For if the truth of God hath more abounded through my lie unto his glory;
why yet am I also judged as a sinner?

Rom 9:1 I say the , I lie not,
my conscience also bearing me witness in the Holy Ghost,

Rom 15:8 Now I say that Jesus Christ was a minister of the circumcision for the truth of God,
to confirm the promises  made unto the fathers:

1Co 5:8 Therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven,
neither with
the leaven of malice and wickedness;
but with the unleavened  bread of sincerity and truth.

1Co 13:6 Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth;truth in Christ

1Co 14:25 And thus are the secrets of his heart made manifest;
and so falling down on  his face he will worship God,
and report that God is in you of a truth.

2Co 4:2 But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty,
not walking in craftiness,
nor handling the word of God deceitfully;
but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves
to every man’s conscience in the sight of God.

2Co 6:7 By the word of truth, by the power of God,
by the armour of righteousness
on the right hand and on the left,

2Co 7:14 For if I have boasted any thing to him of you, I am not ashamed;
but as we spake all things to you in truth, even so our boasting,
which  I made before Titus, is found a truth.

2Co 11:10 As the truth of Christ is in me,
no man shall stop me of this boasting in the regions of Achaia.

2Co 12:6 For though I would desire to glory, I shall not be a fool;
for I will say the truth: but  now I forbear,
lest any man should think of me above that
which he seeth me  to be, or  that he heareth of me.

2Co 13:8 For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.

Gal 2:5 To whom we gave place by subjection, no, not for an hour;
that the truth of the gospel might continue with you.

Gal 2:14 But when I saw that they walked not uprightly according to the truth of the gospel,
I said unto Peter before  them all, If thou, being a Jew,
livest after the manner of Gentiles,
and not as do the Jews, why compellest thou the Gentiles to live as do the Jews?

Gal 3:1 O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you,
that ye should not obey the truth,
before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth,
crucified among you?

Gal 4:16 Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

Gal 5:7 Ye did run well; who did hinder you
that ye should not obey the truth?

Eph 1:13 In whom ye also  trusted,
after that ye heard the word of truth,
the gospel of your salvation:
in whom also after that ye believed,
ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise,

Eph 4:15 But speaking the truth in love,
may grow up into him in all things,
which is the head, even Christ:

Eph 4:21 If so be that ye have heard him,
and have been taught by him, as the truth is in Jesus:

Eph 4:25 Wherefore putting away lying,
speak every man truth with his neighbour:
for we are members one of another.

Eph 5:9 (For the fruit of the Spirit  is in all goodness and righteousness and truth; )

Eph 6:14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth,
and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

Phi 1:18 What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence,
or in truth
, Christ is preached;
and I therein do rejoice, yea,
and will rejoice.

Col 1:5 For the hope which is laid up for you in heaven,
whereof ye heard before in the word of the truth of the gospel;

Col 1:6 Which is come unto you, as  it is in all the world;
and bringeth forth fruit, as  it doth also in you,
since the day ye heard  of it,
and knew the grace of God in truth:

1Th 2:13 For this cause also thank we God without ceasing, because,
when ye received the word of God which ye heard of us,
ye received  it not  as the word of men,
but as it is in truth, the word of God,
which effectually worketh also in you that believe.

2Th 2:10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish;
because they received not the love of the truth,
that they might be saved.

2Th 2:12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth,
but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

2Th 2:13 But we are bound to give thanks alway to God for you,
brethren beloved of the Lord,
because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation
through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth:

1Ti 2:4 Who will have all men to be saved,
and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

1Ti 2:7 Whereunto I am ordained a preacher,
and an apostle,
(I speak the truth in Christ, and lie not; )
a teacher of the Gentiles in faith and verity.

1Ti 3:15 But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest
to behave thyself in the house of God,
which is the church of the living God,
the pillar and ground of the truth.

1Ti 4:3 Forbidding to marry,  and commanding to abstain from meats,
which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them
which believe and know the truth.

1Ti 6:5 Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds,
and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness:
from such withdraw thyself.

2Ti 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God,
a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,
rightly dividing the word of truth.

2Ti 2:18 Who concerning the truth have erred, saying
that the resurrection is past already;
and overthrow the faith of some.

2Ti 2:25 In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves;
if God peradventure will give them repentance
to the acknowledging of the truth;

2Ti 3:7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

2Ti 3:8 Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses,
so do these also resist the truth:
men of corrupt minds,
reprobate concerning the faith.

2Ti 4:4 And they shall turn away  their ears from the truth,
and shall be turned unto fables.

Tit 1:1 Paul, a servant of God,
and an apostle of Jesus Christ,
according to the faith of God’s elect,
and the acknowledging of the truth
which is after godliness;

Tit 1:14 Not giving heed to Jewish fables,
and commandments of men, that turn from the truth.

Heb 10:26 For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth,
there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins,

Jam 1:18 Of his own will begat he us with the word of truth,
that we should be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures.

Jam 3:14 But if ye have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not,
and lie not against the truth.

Jam 5:19Brethren, if any of you do err from the truth,
and one convert him;

1Pe 1:22 Seeing ye have purified your souls in obeying the truth
through the Spirit unto unfeigned love of the brethren,
see that ye love one another with a pure heart fervently:

2Pe 1:12 Wherefore I will not be negligent to put you always
in remembrance of these things, though ye know  them,
and be established in the present truth.

2Pe 2:2 And many shall follow their pernicious ways;
by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.

1Jo 1:6 If we say that we have fellowship with him,
and walk in darkness, we lie,
and do not the truth:

1Jo 1:8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves,
and the truth is not in us.

1Jo 2:4 He that saith, I know him,
and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar,
and the truth is not in him.

1Jo 2:21 I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth,
but because ye know it,
and that no lie is of the truth.

1Jo 2:27 But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you,
and ye need not that any man teach you:
but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things,
and is truth,
and is no lie,
and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.

1Jo 3:18 My little children, let us not love in word,
neither in tongue;
but in deed and in truth.

1Jo 3:19 And hereby we know that we are of the truth,
and shall assure our hearts before him.

1Jo 4:6 We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us;
he that is not of God heareth not us.
Hereby know we the spirit of truth,
and the spirit of error.

1Jo 5:6 This is he that came by water and blood,  even Jesus Christ;
not by water only, but by water and blood.
And it is the Spirit that beareth witness,
because the Spirit is truth.

2Jo 1:1 The elder unto the elect lady and her children,
whom I love in the truth;
and not I only, but also all they that have known the truth;

2Jo 1:2 For the truth‘s sake, which dwelleth in us,
and shall be with us for ever.

2Jo 1:3 Grace be with you, mercy,
and peace, from God the Father,
and from the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in truth and love.

2Jo 1:4 I rejoiced greatly that I found of thy children walking in truth,
as we have received a commandment from the Father.

3Jo 1:1 The elder unto the wellbeloved Gaius, whom I love in the truth.

3Jo 1:3 For I rejoiced greatly, when the brethren came
and testified of the truth that is in thee,
even as thou walkest in the truth.

3Jo 1:4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

3Jo 1:8 We therefore ought to receive such,
that we might be fellowhelpers to the truth.

3Jo 1:12 Demetrius hath good report of all  men,
and of the truth itself: yea,
and we  also bear record;
and ye know that our record is true.

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“continue…ed../..eth..” – in both the Testaments (KJV)


His name shall endure for ever:
his name shall be continued as long as the sun:
and men shall be blessed in him:
all nations shall call him blessed. – Psalms 72:17  

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I am no preacher, but, am a prime sinner and living in this world in HIS mercy. For a sinner like me too, when I read “The Holy Bible” KJV,  the following verses were given in the context of “continue”.

Genesis 40:4   And the captain of the guard charged Joseph with them,
and he served them: and they continued a season in ward.

Exodus 21:21   Notwithstanding, if he continue a day or two,
he shall not be punished: for he is his money.

Leviticus 12:4   And she shall then continue in the blood of her purifying three and thirty days;
she shall touch no hallowed thing, nor come into the sanctuary,
until the days of her purifying be fulfilled.

Leviticus 12:5   But if she bear a maid child, then she shall be unclean two weeks,as in her separation:
and she shall continue in the blood of her purifying threescore and six days.

Judges 5:17   Gilead abode beyond Jordan: and why did Dan remain in ships?
Asher continued on the sea shore, and abode in his breaches.

Ruth 1:2   And the name of the man was Elimelech, and the name of his wife Naomi,
and the name of his two sons Mahlon and Chilion, Ephrathites of Bethlehemjudah.
And they came into the country of Moab, and continued there.

Ruth 2:7   And she said, I pray you, let me glean and gather after the reapers among the sheaves:
so she came, and hath continued even from the morning until now,
that she tarried a little in the house.

1 Samuel 1:12   And it came to pass, as she continued praying before the LORD,
that Eli marked her mouth.

1 Samuel 12:14   If ye will fear the LORD, and serve him, and obey his voice,
and not rebel against the commandment of the LORD,
then shall both ye and also the king that reigneth over you
continue following the LORD your God:

1 Samuel 13:14   But now thy kingdom shall not continue:
the LORD hath sought him a man after his own heart,
and the LORD hath commanded him to be captain over his people,
because thou hast not kept that which the LORD commanded thee.

2 Samuel 6:11   And the ark of the LORD continued in the house of Obededom the Gittite three months:
and the LORD blessed Obededom, and all his household.

2 Samuel 7:29   Therefore now let it please thee to bless the house of thy servant,
that it may continue for ever before thee:
for thou, O Lord GOD, hast spoken it:
and with thy blessing let the house of thy servant be blessed for ever.

1 Kings 2:4   That the LORD may continue his word which he spake concerning me, saying,
If thy children take heed to their way, to walk before me in truth
with all their heart and with all their soul,
there shall not fail thee (said he) a man on the throne of Israel.

1 Kings 22:1   And they continued three years without war between Syria and Israel.

2 Chronicles 29:28   And all the congregation worshipped, and the singers sang,
and the trumpeters sounded:
and all this continued until the burnt offering was finished.

Nehemiah 5:16   Yea, also I continued in the work of this wall, neither bought we any land:
and all my servants were gathered thither unto the work.

Job 14:2   He cometh forth like a flower, and is cut down:
he fleeth also as a shadow, and continueth not.

Job 15:29   He shall not be rich, neither shall his substance continue,
neither shall he prolong the perfection thereof upon the earth.

Job 17:2   Are there not mockers with me?
and doth not mine eye continue in their provocation?

Job 27:1   Moreover Job continued his parable, and said,

Job 29:1   Moreover Job continued his parable, and said,

Psalms 36:10   O continue thy lovingkindness unto them that know thee;
and thy righteousness to the upright in heart.

Psalms 49:11   Their inward thought is, that their houses shall continue for ever,
and their dwelling places to all generations;
they call their lands after their own names.

Psalms 72:17   His name shall endure for ever:
his name shall be continued as long as the sun:
and men shall be blessed in him: all nations shall call him blessed.

Psalms 102:28   The children of thy servants shall continue,
and their seed shall be established before thee.

Psalms 119:91   They continue this day according to thine ordinances:
for all are thy servants.

Isaiah 5:11   Woe unto them that rise up early in the morning,
that they may follow strong drink;
that continue until night, till wine inflame them!

Jeremiah 32:14   Thus saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel;
Take these evidences,
this evidence of the purchase, both which is sealed,
and this evidence which is open;
and put them in an earthen vessel,
that they may continue many days.

Daniel 1:21   And Daniel continued even unto the first year of king Cyrus.

Daniel 11:8   And shall also carry captives into Egypt their gods, with their princes,
and with their precious vessels of silver and of gold;
and he shall continue more years than the king of the north.

Matthew 15:32   Then Jesus called his disciples unto him, and said,
I have compassion on the multitude,
because they continue with me now three days, and have nothing to eat:
and I will not send them away fasting,
lest they faint in the way.

Luke 6:12   And it came to pass in those days,
that he went out into a mountain to pray,
and continued all night in prayer to God.

Luke 22:28   Ye are they which have continued with me in my temptations.

John 2:12   After this he went down to Capernaum, he,
and his mother,
and his brethren,
and his disciples:
and they continued there not many days.

John 8:7   So when they continued asking him,
he lifted up himself, and said unto them,
He that is without sin among you,
let him first cast a stone at her.

John 8:31   Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him,
If ye continue in my word,
then are ye my disciples indeed;

John 11:54   Jesus therefore walked no more openly among the Jews;
but went thence unto a country near to the wilderness,
into a city called Ephraim,
and there continued with his disciples.

John 15:9   As the Father hath loved me,
so have I loved you: continue ye in my love.

Acts 1:14   These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication,
with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brethren.

Acts 2:42   And they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine
and fellowship,
and in breaking of bread,
and in prayers.

Acts 8:13   Then Simon himself believed also:
and when he was baptized,
he continued with Philip,
and wondered, beholding the miracles and signs which were done.

Acts 12:16   But Peter continued knocking:
and when they had opened the door,
and saw him,
they were astonished.

Acts 13:43   Now when the congregation was broken up,
many of the Jews and religious proselytes followed Paul and Barnabas:
who, speaking to them,
persuaded them to continue in the grace of God.

Acts 14:22   Confirming the souls of the disciples,
and exhorting them to continue in the faith,
and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.

Acts 15:35   Paul also and Barnabas continued in Antioch,
teaching and preaching the word of the Lord,
with many others also.

Acts 18:11   And he continued there a year and six months,
teaching the word of God among them.

Acts 19:10   And this continued by the space of two years;
so that all they which dwelt in Asia heard
the word of the Lord Jesus, both Jews and Greeks.

Acts 20:7   And upon the first day of the week,
when the disciples came together to break bread,
Paul preached unto them, ready to depart on the morrow;
and continued his speech until midnight.

Acts 26:22   Having therefore obtained help of God,
I continue unto this day,
witnessing both to small and great,
saying none other things than those
which the prophets and Moses did say should come:

Acts 27:33   And while the day was coming on, Paul besought them all to take meat, saying,
This day is the fourteenth day that ye have tarried
and continued fasting, having taken nothing.

Romans 6:1   What shall we say then?
Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?

Romans 11:22   Behold therefore the goodness and severity of God:
on them which fell, severity;
but toward thee, goodness,
if thou continue in his goodness:
otherwise thou also shalt be cut off.

Galatians 2:5   To whom we gave place by subjection,
no, not for an hour;
that the truth of the gospel might continue with you.

Galatians 3:10   For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse:
for it is written, Cursed is every one that continueth not in all things
which are written in the book of the law to do them.

Philippians 1:25   And having this confidence,
I know that I shall abide and continue with you all
for your furtherance and joy of faith;

Colossians 1:23   If ye continue in the faith grounded and settled,
and be not moved away from the hope of the gospel, which ye have heard,
and which was preached to every creature which is under heaven;
whereof I Paul am made a minister;

Colossians 4:2   Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving;

1 Timothy 2:15   Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing,
if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.

1 Timothy 4:16   Take heed unto thyself,
and unto the doctrine;
continue in them:
for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself,
and them that hear thee.

1 Timothy 5:5   Now she that is a widow indeed,
and desolate, trusteth in God,
and continueth in supplications and prayers night and day.

2 Timothy 3:14   But continue thou in the things
which thou hast learned and hast been assured of,
knowing of whom thou hast learned them;

Hebrews 7:23   And they truly were many priests,
because they were not suffered to continue by reason of death:

Hebrews 7:24   But this man, because he continueth ever,
hath an unchangeable priesthood.

Hebrews 8:9   Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day
when I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt;
because they continued not in my covenant,
and I regarded them not, saith the Lord.

Hebrews 13:1   Let brotherly love continue.

James 1:25   But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty,
and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer,
but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.

James 4:13   Go to now, ye that say, To day or to morrow we will go into such a city,
and continue there a year,
and buy and sell, and get gain:

2 Peter 3:4   And saying, Where is the promise of his coming?
for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue
as they were from the beginning of the creation.

1 John 2:19   They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us,
they would no doubt have continued with us:
but they went out, that they might be made manifest
that they were not all of us.

1 John 2:24   Let that therefore abide in you,
which ye have heard from the beginning.
If that which ye have heard from the beginning shall remain in you,
ye also shall continue in the Son, and in the Father.

Revelation 13:5   And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies;
and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.

Revelation 17:10   And there are seven kings: five are fallen,
and one is, and the other is not yet come;
and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.

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“wrath” …of God? …of Man?… mentioned in the Old Testament (KJV)

Courtesy: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Blake_Cain_Fleeing_from_the_Wrath_of_God_%28The_Body_of_Abel_Found_by_Adam_and_Eve%29_c1805-1809.jpg
That the wicked is reserved to the day of destruction?
they shall be brought forth to the day of wrath.
Job 21:30 

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… Against Law of the Land?!@#$%…. .

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I am no preacher, but, am a prime sinner and living in this world in HIS mercy. For a sinner like me too, when I read “The Holy Bible” KJV,  the following verses were given in the context of “wrath” from the Old Testament.

Gen 39:19 And it came to pass,
when his master heard the words of his wife,
which she spake unto him,
saying, After this manner did thy servant to me;
that his wrath was kindled.

Gen 49:7 Cursed  be their anger, for  it was fierce;
and their wrath, for it was cruel: I will divide them in Jacob,
and scatter them in Israel.

Exo 15:7 And in the greatness of thine excellency thou hast overthrown them
that rose up against thee: thou sentest forth thy wrath,
which consumed them as stubble.

Exo 22:24 And my wrath shall wax hot,
and I will kill you with the sword;
and your wives shall be widows,

and your children fatherless.

Exo 32:10 Now therefore let me alone,
that my wrath may wax hot against them,
and that I may consume them: and I will make of thee a great nation.

Exo 32:11 And Moses besought the LORD his God,
and said, LORD, why doth thy wrath wax hot against thy people,
which thou hast brought forth out of the land of Egypt with great power,
and with a mighty hand?

Exo 32:12 Wherefore should the Egyptians speak,
and say, For mischief did he bring them out,
to slay them in the mountains,
and to consume them from the face of the earth?
Turn from thy fierce wrath,
and repent of this evil against thy people.

Lev 10:6 And Moses said unto Aaron,
and unto Eleazar and unto Ithamar, his sons, Uncover not your heads,
neither rend your clothes; lest ye die,
and lest wrath come upon all the people:
but let your brethren,
the whole house of Israel,
bewail the burning which the LORD hath kindled.

Num 1:53 But the Levites shall pitch round about the tabernacle of testimony,
that there be no wrath upon the congregation of the children of Israel:
and the Levites shall keep the charge of the tabernacle of testimony.

Num 11:33 And while the flesh  was yet between their teeth, ere it was chewed,
the wrath of the LORD was kindled against the people,
and the LORD smote the people with a very great plague.

Num 16:46 And Moses said unto Aaron, Take a censer,
and put fire therein from off the altar,
and put on incense,
and go quickly unto the congregation,
and make an atonement for them: for there is wrath gone out from the LORD;
the plague is begun.

Num 18:5 And ye shall keep the charge of the sanctuary, and the charge of the altar:
that there be no wrath any more upon the children of Israel.

Num 25:11 Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest,
hath turned my wrath away from the children of Israel,
while he was zealous for my sake among them,
that I consumed not the children of Israel in my jealousy.

Deu 9:7 Remember,  and forget not,
how thou provokedst the LORD thy God to wrath in the wilderness:
from the day that thou didst depart out of the land of Egypt,
until ye came unto this place, ye have been rebellious against the LORD.

Deu 9:8  Also in Horeb ye provoked the LORD to wrath,
so that the LORD was angry with you to have destroyed you.

Deu 9:22  And at Taberah, and at Massah, and at Kibrothhattaavah,
ye provoked the LORD to wrath.

Deu 11:17  And  then the LORD’S wrath be kindled against you,
and he shut up the heaven, that there be no rain,
and that the land yield not her fruit;
and  lest ye perish quickly from off the good land which the LORD giveth you.

Deu 29:23  And that the whole land thereof  is brimstone, and salt,
and burning,  that it is not sown, nor beareth, nor any grass groweth therein,
like the overthrow of Sodom,

and Gomorrah, Admah, and Zeboim,
which the LORD overthrew in his anger, and in his wrath:

Deu 29:28 And the LORD rooted them out of their land in anger,
and in wrath,
and in great indignation,
and cast them into another land, as  it is this day.

Deu 32:27  Were it not that I feared the wrath of the enemy,
lest their adversaries should behave themselves strangely,
and lest they should say, Our hand  is high,
and the LORD hath not done all this.

Jos 9:20  This we will do to them;
we will even let them live,

lest wrath be upon us,
because of the oath which we sware unto them.

Jos 22:20  Did not Achan the son of Zerah commit a trespass in the accursed thing,
and wrath fell on all the congregation of Israel?
and that man perished not alone in his iniquity.

1Sa 28:18  Because thou obeyedst not the voice of the LORD,
nor executedst his fierce wrath upon Amalek,
therefore hath the LORD done this thing unto thee this day.

2Sa 11:20  And if so be that the king’s wrath arise, and he say unto thee,
Wherefore approached ye so nigh unto the city when ye did fight?
knew ye not that they would shoot from the wall?

2Ki 22:13  Go ye, enquire of the LORD for me,
and for the people, and for all Judah,
concerning the words of this book that is found:
for great  is the wrath of the LORD that is kindled against us,
because our fathers have not hearkened unto the words of this book,
to do according unto all that which is written concerning us.

2Ki 22:17  Because they have forsaken me,
and have burned incense unto other gods,
that they might provoke me to anger with all the works of their hands;
therefore my wrath shall be kindled against this place,

and shall not be quenched.

2Ki 23:26  Notwithstanding the LORD turned not from the fierceness of his great wrath,
wherewith his anger was kindled against Judah,
because of all the provocations that Manasseh had provoked him withal.

1Ch 27:24  Joab the son of Zeruiah began to number,
but he finished not, because there fell wrath for it against Israel;
neither was the number put in the account of the chronicles of king David.

2Ch 12:7  And when the LORD saw that they humbled themselves,
the word of the LORD came to Shemaiah, saying,
They have humbled themselves; therefore I will not destroy them,
but I will grant them some deliverance;
and my wrath shall not be poured out upon Jerusalem by the hand of Shishak.

2Ch 12:12  And when he humbled himself,
the wrath of the LORD turned from him,
that he would not destroy  him altogether: and also in Judah things went well.

2Ch 19:2  And Jehu the son of Hanani the seer went out to meet him,
and said to king Jehoshaphat,
Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that  hate the LORD?
therefore  is wrath upon thee from before the LORD.

2Ch 19:10  And what cause soever shall come to you of your brethren
that dwell in their cities,

between blood and blood,
between law and commandment,
statutes and judgments,
ye shall even warn them that they trespass not against the LORD,
and  so wrath come upon you,
and upon your brethren: this do,
and ye shall not trespass.

2Ch 24:18  And they left the house of the LORD God of their fathers,
and served groves and idols: and wrath came upon Judah
and Jerusalem for this their trespass.

2Ch 28:11  Now hear me therefore,
and deliver the captives again,
which ye have taken captive of your brethren:
for the fierce wrath of the LORD  is upon you.

2Ch 28:13  And said unto them,
Ye shall not bring in the captives hither:
for whereas we have offended against the LORD  already,
ye intend to add  more to our sins and to our trespass:
for our trespass is great,
and  there is fierce wrath against Israel.

2Ch 29:8  Wherefore the wrath of the LORD was upon Judah and Jerusalem,
and he hath delivered them to trouble, to astonishment,
and to hissing, as ye see with your eyes.

2Ch 29:10  Now  it is in mine heart to make a covenant with the LORD God of Israel,
that his fierce wrath may turn away from us.

2Ch 30:8  Now be ye not stiffnecked, as your fathers  were,
but yield yourselves unto the LORD, and enter into his sanctuary,
which he hath sanctified for ever: and serve the LORD your God,
that the fierceness of his wrath may turn away from you.

2Ch 32:25  But Hezekiah rendered not again according to the benefit  done unto him;
for his heart was lifted up: therefore there was wrath upon him,

and upon Judah and Jerusalem.

2Ch 32:26  Notwithstanding Hezekiah humbled himself for the pride of his heart,
both he and the inhabitants of Jerusalem,
so that the wrath of the LORD came not upon them in the days of Hezekiah.

2Ch 34:21 Go, enquire of the LORD for me,
and for them that are left in Israel and in Judah,
concerning the words of the book that is found:
for great is the wrath of the LORD that is poured out upon us,
because our fathers have not kept the word of the LORD,
to do after all that is written in this book.

2Ch 34:25  Because they have forsaken me,
and have burned incense unto other gods,
that they might provoke me to anger with all the works of their hands;
therefore my wrath shall be poured out upon this place,

and shall not be quenched.

2Ch 36:16  But they mocked the messengers of God,
and despised his words,
and misused his prophets,
until the wrath of the LORD arose against his people,
till  there was no remedy.

Ezr 5:12  But after that our fathers had provoked the God of heaven unto wrath,
he gave them into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon,
the Chaldean, who destroyed this house,
and carried the people away into Babylon.

Ezr 7:23  Whatsoever is commanded by the God of heaven,
let it be diligently done for the house of the God of heaven:
for why should there be wrath against the realm of the king and his sons?

Ezr 8:22  For I was ashamed to require of the king a band of soldiers and horsemen
to help us against the enemy in the way: because we had spoken unto the king,
saying, The hand of our God is upon all them for good that seek him;
but his power and his wrath is against all them that forsake him.

Ezr 10:14  Let now our rulers of all the congregation stand,
and let all them which have taken strange wives in our cities come at appointed times,
and with them the elders of every city,
and the Judges thereof,
until the fierce wrath of our God for this matter be turned from us.

Neh 13:18  Did not your fathers thus,
and did not our God bring all this evil upon us, and upon this city?
yet ye bring more wrath upon Israel by profaning the sabbath.

Est 1:18  Likewise shall the ladies of Persia and Media say this day unto all the king’s princes,
which have heard of the deed of the queen.
Thus  shall there arise too much contempt and wrath.

Est 2:1  After these things,
when the wrath of king Ahasuerus was appeased,
he remembered Vashti,
and what she had done,
and what was decreed against her.

Est 3:5  And when Haman saw that Mordecai bowed not,
nor did him reverence, then was Haman full of wrath.

Est 7:7  And the king arising from the banquet of wine
in his wrath went into the palace garden:
and Haman stood up to make request for his life to Esther the queen;
for he saw that there was evil determined against him by the king.

Est 7:10  So they hanged Haman on the gallows
that he had prepared for Mordecai.
Then was the king’s wrath pacified.

Job 5:2  For wrath killeth the foolish man,
and envy slayeth the silly one.

Job 14:13  O that thou wouldest hide me in the grave,
that thou wouldest keep me secret,
until thy wrath be past,
that thou wouldest appoint me a set time, and remember me!

Job 16:9  He teareth  me in his wrath, who  hateth me:
he gnasheth upon me with his teeth;
mine enemy sharpeneth his eyes upon me.

Job 19:11  He hath also kindled his wrath against me,
and he counteth me unto him as  one of his enemies.

Job 19:29  Be ye afraid of the sword: for wrath bringeth the punishments of the sword,
that ye may know there is a judgment.

Job 20:23  When he is about to fill his belly,
God shall cast the fury of his wrath upon him,
and shall rain  it upon him while he is eating.

Job 20:28  The increase of his house shall depart,
and his goods shall flow away in the day of his wrath.

Job 21:20  His eyes shall see his destruction,
and he shall drink of the wrath of the Almighty.

Job 21:30  That the wicked is reserved to the day of destruction?
they shall be brought forth to the day of wrath.

Job 32:2 Then was kindled the wrath of Elihu the son of Barachel the Buzite,
of the kindred of Ram: against Job was his wrath kindled,
because he justified himself rather than God.

Job 32:3  Also against his three friends was his wrath kindled,
because they had found no answer,
and  yet had condemned Job.

Job 32:5  When Elihu saw that  there was no answer
in the mouth of  these three men,
then his wrath was kindled.

Job 36:13  But the hypocrites in heart heap up wrath:
they cry not when he bindeth them.

Job 36:18  Because there is wrath,
beware lest he take thee away with his stroke:
then a great ransom cannot deliver thee.

Job 40:11  Cast abroad the rage of thy wrath:
and behold every one that is proud,
and abase him.

Job 42:7  And it was  so, that after the LORD had spoken these words unto Job,
the LORD said to Eliphaz the Temanite, My wrath is kindled against thee,
and against thy two friends: for ye have not spoken of me the thing that is right,
as my servant Job hath.

Psa 2:5  Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath,
and vex them in his sore displeasure.

Psa 2:12  Kiss the Son, lest he be angry,
and ye perish from the way,
when his wrath is kindled but a little.
Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.

Psa 21:9  Thou shalt make them as a fiery oven in the time of thine anger:
the LORD shall swallow them up in his wrath,
and the fire shall devour them.

Psa 37:8  Cease from anger, and forsake wrath:
fret not thyself in any wise to do evil.

Psa 38:1  <A Psalm of David,
to bring to remembrance.> O LORD,
rebuke me not in thy wrath:
neither chasten me in thy hot displeasure.

Psa 55:3  Because of the voice of the enemy,
because of the oppression of the wicked:
for they cast iniquity upon me,
and in wrath they hate me.

Psa 58:9  Before your pots can feel the thorns,
he shall take them away as with a whirlwind,
both living, and in  his wrath.

Psa 59:13  Consume them in wrath, consume them, that they  may not  be:
and let them know that God ruleth in Jacob unto the ends of the earth. Selah.

Psa 69:24 Pour out thine indignation upon them,
and let thy wrathful anger take hold of them.

Psa 76:10  Surely the wrath of man shall praise thee:
the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain.

Psa 78:31  The wrath of God came upon them,
and slew the fattest of them,
and smote down the chosen men of Israel.

Psa 78:38  But he, being full of compassion, forgave  their iniquity,
and destroyed  them not: yea, many a time turned he his anger away,
and did not stir up all his wrath.

Psa 78:49  He cast upon them the fierceness of his anger, wrath,
and indignation, and trouble, by sending evil angels  among them.

Psa 79:6  Pour out thy wrath upon the heathen that have not known thee,
and upon the kingdoms that have not called upon thy name.

Psa 85:3  Thou hast taken away all thy wrath:
thou hast turned  thyself from the fierceness of thine anger.

Psa 88:7  Thy wrath lieth hard upon me,
and thou hast afflicted  me with all thy waves. Selah.

Psa 88:16  Thy fierce wrathgoeth over me;
thy terrors have cut me off.

Psa 89:46  How long, LORD?
wilt thou hide thyself for ever?
shall thy wrath burn like fire?

Psa 90:7  For we are consumed by thine anger,
and by thy wrath are we troubled.

Psa 90:9  For all our days are passed away in thy wrath:
we spend our years as a tale that is told.

Psa 90:11  Who knoweth the power of thine anger?
even according to thy fear, so is thy wrath.

Psa 95:11  Unto whom I sware in my wrath
that they should not enter into my rest.

Psa 102:10  Because of thine indignation and thy wrath:
for thou hast lifted me up, and cast me down.

Psa 106:23  Therefore he said that he would destroy them,
had not Moses his chosen stood before him in the breach,
to turn away his wrath, lest he should destroy  them.

Psa 106:40  Therefore was the wrath of the LORD kindled against his people,
insomuch that he abhorred his own inheritance.

Psa 110:5  The Lord at thy right hand shall strike through
kings in the day of his wrath.

Psa 124:3  Then they had swallowed us up quick,
when their wrath was kindled against us:

Psa 138:7  Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me:
thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies,
and thy right hand shall save me.

Pro 11:4  Riches profit not in the day of wrath:
but righteousness delivereth from death.

Pro 11:23  The desire of the righteous  is only good:
but the expectation of the wicked is wrath.

Pro 12:16  A fool’s wrath is presently known:
but a prudent  man covereth shame.

Pro 14:29  He that is slow to wrath is of great understanding:
but  he that is hasty of spirit exalteth folly.

Pro 14:35  The king’s favour is toward a wise servant:
but his wrath is  against him that causeth shame.

Pro 15:1  A soft answer turneth away wrath:
but grievous words stir up anger.

Pro 15:18  A wrathful man stirreth up strife:
but  he that is slow to anger appeaseth strife.

Pro 16:14  The wrath of a king  is as messengers of death:
but a wise man will pacify it.

Pro 19:12  The king’s wrath is as the roaring of a lion;
but his favour is as dew upon the grass.

Pro 19:19  A man of great wrath shall suffer punishment:
for if thou deliver  him,
yet thou must do it again.

Pro 21:14  A gift in secret pacifieth anger:
and a reward in the bosom strong wrath.

Pro 21:24  Proud  and haughty scorner is his name,
who dealeth in proud wrath.

Pro 24:18  Lest the LORD see  it, and it displease him,
and he turn away his wrath from him.

Pro 27:3  A stone  is heavy, and the sand weighty;
but a fool’s wrath  is heavier than them both.

Pro 27:4  Wrath  is cruel, and anger  is outrageous;
but who is able to stand before envy?

Pro 29:8  Scornful men bring a city into a snare:
but wise  men turn away wrath.

Pro 30:33  Surely the churning of milk bringeth forth butter,
and the wringing of the nose bringeth forth blood:
so the forcing of wrath bringeth forth strife.

Ecc 5:17  All his days also he eateth in darkness,
and  he hath much sorrow and wrath with his sickness.

Isa 9:19  Through the wrath of the LORD of hosts is the land darkened,
and the people shall be as the fuel of the fire:
no man shall spare his brother.

Isa 10:6  I will send him against an hypocritical nation,
and against the people of my wrath will I give him a charge, to take the spoil,
and to take the prey,
and to tread them down like the mire of the streets.

Isa 13:9  Behold, the day of the LORD cometh,
cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate:
and he shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it.

Isa 13:13  Therefore I will shake the heavens,
and the earth shall remove out of her place, in the wrath of the LORD of hosts,
and in the day of his fierce anger.

Isa 14:6  He who smote the people in wrath with a continual stroke,
he that ruled the nations in anger, is persecuted,
and none hindereth.

Isa 16:6  We have heard of the pride of Moab;
 he is very proud:  even of his haughtiness,
and his pride,
and his wrath:  but his lies shall not  be so.

Isa 54:8  In a little wrathI hid my face from thee for a moment;
but with everlasting kindness will I have mercy on thee,

saith the LORD thy Redeemer.

Isa 60:10  And the sons of strangers shall build up thy walls,
and their kings shall minister unto thee:
for in my wrath I smote thee,
but in my favour have I had mercy on thee.

Jer 7:29  Cut off thine hair,  O Jerusalem, and cast  it away,
and take up a lamentation on high places;
for the LORD hath rejected and forsaken the generation of his wrath.

Jer 10:10  But the LORD  is the true God, he  is the living God,
and an everlasting king: at his wrath the earth shall tremble,
and the nations shall not be able to abide his indignation.

Jer 18:20  Shall evil be recompensed for good?
for they have digged a pit for my soul.
Remember that I stood before thee to speak good for them,
and to turn away thy wrath from them.

Jer 21:5  And I myself will fight against you
with an outstretched hand and with a strong arm, even in anger,
and in fury, and in great wrath.

Jer 32:37  Behold, I will gather them out of all countries,
whither I have driven them in mine anger,
and in my fury,
and in great wrath;
and I will bring them again unto this place,
and I will cause them to dwell safely:

Jer 44:8  In that ye provoke me unto wrath with the works of your hands,
burning incense unto other gods in the land of Egypt, whither ye be gone to dwell,
that ye might cut yourselves off,
and that ye might be a curse and a reproach among all the nations of the earth?

Jer 48:30  I know his wrath, saith the LORD;
but  it shall not  be so;
his lies shall not so effect  it.

Jer 50:13  Because of the wrath of the LORD it shall not be inhabited,
but it shall be wholly desolate:
every one that goeth by Babylon shall be astonished,
and hiss at all her plagues.

Lam 2:2  The Lord hath swallowed up all the habitations of Jacob,
and hath not pitied:
he hath thrown down in his wrath the strong holds of the daughter of Judah;
he hath brought  them down to the ground:

he hath polluted the kingdom and the princes thereof.

Lam 3:1  I  am the man  that hath seen affliction by the rod of his wrath.

Eze 7:12  The time is come, the day draweth near:
let not the buyer rejoice, nor the seller mourn:
for wrath is upon all the multitude thereof.

Eze 7:14  They have blown the trumpet, even to make all ready;
but none goeth to the battle: for my wrath is upon all the multitude thereof.

Eze 7:19  They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed:
their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them
in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls,
neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity.

Eze 13:15  Thus will I accomplish my wrath upon the wall,
and upon them that have daubed it with untempered  morter,
and will say unto you, The wall  is no more,
neither they that daubed it;

Eze 21:31  And I will pour out mine indignation upon thee,
I will blow against thee in the fire of my wrath,
and deliver thee into the hand of brutish men,
and skilful to destroy.

Eze 22:21  Yea, I will gather you,
and blow upon you in the fire of my wrath,
and ye shall be melted in the midst thereof.

Eze 22:31  Therefore have I poured out mine indignation upon them;
I have consumed them with the fire of my wrath:

their own way have I recompensed upon their heads, saith the Lord GOD.

Eze 38:19  For in my jealousy  and in the fire of my wrath have I spoken,
Surely in that day there shall be a great shaking in the land of Israel;

Hos 5:10  The princes of Judah were like them that remove the bound:
therefore I will pour out my wrath upon them like water.

Hos 13:11  I gave thee a king in mine anger,
and took  him away in my wrath.

Amo 1:11  Thus saith the LORD;
For three transgressions of Edom,

and for four,
I will not turn away  the punishment thereof;
because he did pursue his brother with the sword,

and did cast off all pity,
and his anger did tear perpetually,
and he kept his wrath for ever:

Nah 1:2  God  is jealous, and the LORD revengeth;
the LORD revengeth, and  is furious;
the LORD will take vengeance on his adversaries,

and he reserveth  wrath for his enemies.

Hab 3:2  O LORD, I have heard thy speech, and was afraid:
revive thy work in the midst of the years,
in the midst of the years make known;
in wrath remember mercy.

Hab 3:8  Was the LORD displeased against the rivers?
was thine anger against the rivers?
was thy wrath against the sea,
that thou didst ride upon thine horses  and thy chariots of salvation?

Zep 1:15  That day is a day of wrath,
a day of trouble and distress,
a day of wasteness and desolation,
a day of darkness and gloominess,
a day of clouds and thick darkness,

Zep 1:18  Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them
in the day of the LORD’S wrath;
but the whole land shall be devoured
by the fire of his jealousy:
for he shall make even a speedy riddance of all them that dwell in the land.

Zec 7:12 Yea, they made their hearts  as an adamant stone, lest they should hear the law,
and the words which the LORD of hosts hath sent in his spirit by the former prophets:
therefore came a great wrath from the LORD of hosts.

Zec 8:14  For thus saith the LORD of hosts;
As I thought to punish you,

when your fathers provoked me to wrath,
saith the LORD of hosts, and I repented not:

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“Inheritance” -from the ‘afficted’, ‘most hunted’ and the ‘preacher’


Read . . . . .“Inheritance” mentioned in the New Testament (KJV) .

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I am no preacher, but, am a prime sinner and living in this world in HIS mercy. For a sinner like me too, when I read “The Holy Bible” KJV,  the following verses were given in the context of “Inheritance” from the book of ‘Job’ the afflicted, Psalms of the king David and from ‘Ecclesiastes’ of the Preacher.

Job 31:2   For what portion of God is there from above?
and what inheritance of the Almighty from on high?

Job 42:15   And in all the land were no women found so fair as the daughters of Job:
and their father gave them inheritance among their brethren.

Psalms 2:8   Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance,
and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.

Psalms 16:5   The LORD is the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup:
thou maintainest my lot.

Psalms 28:9   Save thy people, and bless thine inheritance:
feed them also, and lift them up for ever.

Psalms 33:12   Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD;
and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.

Psalms 37:18   The LORD knoweth the days of the upright:
and their inheritance shall be for ever.

Psalms 47:4   He shall choose our inheritance for us,
the excellency of Jacob whom he loved. Selah.

Psalms 68:9   Thou, O God, didst send a plentiful rain,
whereby thou didst confirm thine inheritance, when it was weary.

Psalms 74:2   Remember thy congregation, which thou hast purchased of old;
the rod of thine inheritance, which thou hast redeemed;
this mount Zion, wherein thou hast dwelt.

Psalms 78:55   He cast out the heathen also before them,
and divided them an inheritance by line,
and made the tribes of Israel to dwell in their tents.

Psalms 78:62   He gave his people over also unto the sword;
and was wroth with his inheritance.

Psalms 78:71   From following the ewes great with young
he brought him to feed Jacob his people,
and Israel his inheritance.

Psalms 79:1   O God, the heathen are come into thine inheritance;
thy holy temple have they defiled;
they have laid Jerusalem on heaps.

Psalms 94:14   For the LORD will not cast off his people,
neither will he forsake his inheritance.

Psalms 105:11   Saying, Unto thee will I give the land of Canaan,
the lot of your inheritance:

Psalms 106:5   That I may see the good of thy chosen,
that I may rejoice in the gladness of thy nation,
that I may glory with thine inheritance.

Psalms 106:40   Therefore was the wrath of the LORD kindled against his people,
insomuch that he abhorred his own inheritance.

Proverbs 13:22   A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children:
and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.

Proverbs 17:2   A wise servant shall have rule over a son that causeth shame,
and shall have part of the inheritance among the brethren.

Proverbs 19:14   House and riches are the inheritance of fathers:
and a prudent wife is from the LORD.

Proverbs 20:21   An inheritance may be gotten hastily at the beginning;
but the end thereof shall not be blessed.

Ecclesiastes 7:11   Wisdom is good with an inheritance:
and by it there is profit to them that see the sun.

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Blessings of “enough” – in the Holy Bible (KJV)


Egg bullseye, Mix-Jam, Pigeon peas paste and Chappati (Roti)

It is enough for the disciple that he be as his master,

and the servant as his lord.
If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub,
how much more shall they call them of his household?
Matthew 10:25  

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I am no preacher, but, am a prime sinner and living in this world in HIS mercy. For a sinner like me too, when I read “The Holy Bible” KJV,  the following verses were given in the context of “enough” .

Genesis 24:25   She said moreover unto him,
We have both straw and provender enough,
and room to lodge in.

Genesis 33:9   And Esau said, I have enough, my brother;
keep that thou hast unto thyself.

Genesis 33:11   Take, I pray thee, my blessing that is brought to thee;
because God hath dealt graciously with me,
and because I have enough.
And he urged him, and he took it.

Genesis 34:21   These men are peaceable with us;
therefore let them dwell in the land, and trade therein;
for the land, behold, it is large enough for them;
let us take their daughters to us for wives,
and let us give them our daughters.

Genesis 45:28   And Israel said, It is enough;
Joseph my son is yet alive: I will go and see him before I die.

Exodus 2:19   And they said, An Egyptian delivered us out of the hand of the shepherds,
and also drew water enough for us,
and watered the flock.

Exodus 9:28   Intreat the LORD (for it is enough)
that there be no more mighty thunderings and hail;
and I will let you go, and ye shall stay no longer.

Exodus 36:5   And they spake unto Moses, saying,
The people bring much more than enough for the service of the work,
which the LORD commanded to make.

Deuteronomy 1:6   The LORD our God spake unto us in Horeb, saying,
Ye have dwelt long enough in this mount:

Deuteronomy 2:3   Ye have compassed this mountain long enough:
turn you northward.

Joshua 17:16   And the children of Joseph said, The hill is not enough for us:
and all the Canaanites that dwell in the land of the valley have chariots of iron,
both they who are of Bethshean and her towns,
and they who are of the valley of Jezreel.

2 Samuel 24:16   And when the angel stretched out his hand upon Jerusalem to destroy it,
the LORD repented him of the evil,
and said to the angel that destroyed the people,
It is enough: stay now thine hand.
And the angel of the LORD was by the threshingplace of Araunah the Jebusite.

1 Kings 19:4   But he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness,
and came and sat down under a juniper tree:
and he requested for himself that he might die;
and said, It is enough;
now, O LORD, take away my life;
for I am not better than my fathers.

1 Chronicles 21:15   And God sent an angel unto Jerusalem to destroy it:
and as he was destroying, the LORD beheld,
and he repented him of the evil,
and said to the angel that destroyed,
It is enough, stay now thine hand.
And the angel of the LORD stood by the threshingfloor of Ornan the Jebusite.

2 Chronicles 31:10   And Azariah the chief priest of the house of Zadok answered him, and said,
Since the people began to bring the offerings into the house of the LORD,
we have had enough to eat,
and have left plenty: for the LORD hath blessed his people;
and that which is left is this great store.

Proverbs 27:27   And thou shalt have goats’ milk enough for thy food,
for the food of thy household,
and for the maintenance for thy maidens.

Proverbs 28:19   He that tilleth his land shall have plenty of bread:
but he that followeth after vain persons shall have poverty enough.

Proverbs 30:15   The horseleach hath two daughters, crying, Give, give.
There are three things that are never satisfied,
yea, four things say not, It is enough:

Proverbs 30:16   The grave; and the barren womb;
the earth that is not filled with water;
and the fire that saith not, It is enough.

Isaiah 56:11   Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough,
and they are shepherds that cannot understand:
they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter.

Jeremiah 49:9   If grapegatherers come to thee,
would they not leave some gleaning grapes?
if thieves by night, they will destroy till they have enough.

Hosea 4:10   For they shall eat, and not have enough:
they shall commit whoredom, and shall not increase:
because they have left off to take heed to the LORD.

Obadiah 1:5   If thieves came to thee, if robbers by night,
(how art thou cut off!) would they not have stolen till they had enough?
if the grapegatherers came to thee,
would they not leave some grapes?

Nahum 2:12   The lion did tear in pieces enough for his whelps,
and strangled for his lionesses,
and filled his holes with prey,
and his dens with ravin.

Haggai 1:6   Ye have sown much, and bring in little;
ye eat, but ye have not enough;
ye drink, but ye are not filled with drink;
ye clothe you, but there is none warm;
and he that earneth wages
earneth wages to put it into a bag with holes.

Malachi 3:10   Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse,
that there may be meat in mine house,
and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts,
if I will not open you the windows of heaven,
and pour you out a blessing,
that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

Matthew 10:25   It is enough for the disciple that he be as his master,
and the servant as his lord.
If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub,
how much more shall they call them of his household?

Matthew 25:9   But the wise answered, saying, Not so;
lest there be not enough for us and you:
but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves.

Mark 14:41   And he cometh the third time, and saith unto them,
Sleep on now, and take your rest:
it is enough, the hour is come;
behold, the Son of man is betrayed into the hands of sinners.

Luke 15:17   And when he came to himself, he said,
How many hired servants of my father’s have bread enough and to spare,
and I perish with hunger!

Luke 22:38   And they said, Lord, behold, here are two swords.
And he said unto them, It is enough.

Acts 27:38   And when they had eaten enough,
they lightened the ship,
and cast out the wheat into the sea.

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Who is “magnified” by whom? – from the Holy Bible (KJV)

MagnifiedAnd this was known to all the Jews and Greeks also dwelling at Ephesus;
and fear fell on them all,
and the name of the Lord Jesus was magnified. – Acts 19:17  

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I am no preacher, but, am a prime sinner and living in this world in HIS mercy. For a sinner like me too, when I read “The Holy Bible” KJV,  the following verses were given in the context of “magnified”.

“magnified” means (WordWeb)

Adjective: magnified  'mag-ni,fId
  1. Enlarged to an abnormal degree"thick lenses magnified the size of her eyes";
     - exaggerated, enlarged
Verb: magnify  'mag-ni,fI
  1. Increase in size, volume or significance
     "Her terror was magnified in her mind";
    - amplify
  2. To enlarge beyond bounds or the truth
     "tended to romanticize and magnify this 'gracious Old South' imagery";
    - overstate, exaggerate, overdraw, hyperbolize, hyperbolise [Brit], amplify
  3. (photography) make appear larger; make a larger copy
     "magnify an image";
    - blow up, enlarge
See also: increased
 Type of: disinform, enlarge, increase, misinform, mislead
 Encyclopedia: Magnified

Genesis 19:19   Behold now, thy servant hath found grace in thy sight,
and thou hast magnified thy mercy,
which thou hast shewed unto me in saving my life;
and I cannot escape to the mountain,
lest some evil take me, and I die:

Joshua 4:14   On that day the LORD magnified Joshua in the sight of all Israel;
and they feared him, as they feared Moses,
all the days of his life.

2 Samuel 7:26   And let thy name be magnified for ever,
saying, The LORD of hosts is the God over Israel:
and let the house of thy servant David be established before thee.

1 Chronicles 17:24   Let it even be established,
that thy name may be magnified for ever,
saying, The LORD of hosts is the God of Israel, even a God to Israel:
and let the house of David thy servant be established before thee.

1 Chronicles 29:25   And the LORD magnified Solomon exceedingly in the sight of all Israel,
and bestowed upon him such royal majesty
as had not been on any king before him in Israel.

2 Chronicles 1:1   And Solomon the son of David was strengthened in his kingdom,
and the LORD his God was with him,
and magnified him exceedingly.

2 Chronicles 32:23   And many brought gifts unto the LORD to Jerusalem,
and presents to Hezekiah king of Judah:
so that he was magnified in the sight of all nations from thenceforth.

Psalms 35:27   Let them shout for joy, and be glad,
that favour my righteous cause:
yea, let them say continually,
Let the LORD be magnified,
which hath pleasure in the prosperity of his servant.

Psalms 40:16   Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee:
let such as love thy salvation say continually,
The LORD be magnified.

Psalms 70:4   Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee:
and let such as love thy salvation say continually,
Let God be magnified.

Psalms 138:2   I will worship toward thy holy temple,
and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth:
for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.

Jeremiah 48:26   Make ye him drunken: for he magnified himself against the LORD:
Moab also shall wallow in his vomit,
and he also shall be in derision.

Jeremiah 48:42   And Moab shall be destroyed from being a people,
because he hath magnified himself against the LORD.

Lamentations 1:9   Her filthiness is in her skirts;
she remembereth not her last end;
therefore she came down wonderfully: she had no comforter.
O LORD, behold my affliction: for the enemy hath magnified himself.

Daniel 8:11   Yea, he magnified himself even to the prince of the host,
and by him the daily sacrifice was taken away,
and the place of his sanctuary was cast down.

Zephaniah 2:8   I have heard the reproach of Moab,
and the revilings of the children of Ammon,
whereby they have reproached my people,
and magnified themselves against their border.

Zephaniah 2:10   This shall they have for their pride,
because they have reproached and magnified themselves
against the people of the LORD of hosts.

Malachi 1:5   And your eyes shall see, and ye shall say,
The LORD will be magnified from the border of Israel.

Acts 5:13   And of the rest durst no man join himself to them:
but the people magnified them.

Acts 19:17   And this was known to all the Jews and Greeks also dwelling at Ephesus;
and fear fell on them all,
and the name of the Lord Jesus was magnified.

Philippians 1:20   According to my earnest expectation and my hope,
that in nothing I shall be ashamed,  but that with all boldness, as always,
so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body,
whether it be by life, or by death.

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“darkness” in the land? where?….from the Holy Bible (KJV)


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– from the Holy Bible (KJV) – Proverbs .

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I am no preacher, but, am a prime sinner and living in this world in HIS mercy. For a sinner like me too, when I read “The Holy Bible” KJV,  the following verses were given in the context of “darkness”.

Gen 1:2  And the earth was without form, and void;
and darkness  was upon the face of the deep.
And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

Gen 1:5  And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night.
And the evening and the morning were the first day.

Gen 15:12  And when the sun was going down,
a deep sleep fell upon Abram;
and, lo, an horror of great darkness fell upon him.

Exo 10:21  And the LORD said unto Moses,
Stretch out thine hand toward heaven,
that there may be darkness over the land of Egypt,
even darkness which may be felt.

Exo 10:22  And Moses stretched forth his hand toward heaven;
and there was a thick darkness in all the land of Egypt three days:

Exo 14:20  And it came between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel;
and it was a cloud and darkness to them,
but it gave light by night  to these:
so that the one came not near the other all the night.

Exo 20:21  And the people stood afar off,
and Moses drew near unto the thick darkness where God  was.

Jos 24:7  And when they cried unto the LORD,
he put darkness between you and the Egyptians,
and brought the sea upon them, and covered them;
and your eyes have seen what I have done in Egypt:
and ye dwelt in the wilderness a long season.

2Sa 22:10  He bowed the heavens also, and came down;
and darkness was under his feet.

2Sa 22:12  And he made darkness pavilions round about him, dark waters,
and thick clouds of the skies.

Job 3:5  Let darkness and the shadow of death stain it;
let a cloud dwell upon it;
let the blackness of the day terrify it.

Job 3:6  As  for that night, let darkness seize upon it;
let it not be joined unto the days of the year,
let it not come into the number of the months.

Job 5:14  They meet with darkness in the daytime,
and grope in the noonday as in the night.

Job 10:21  Before I go whence I shall not return,
even to the land of darkness and the shadow of death;

Job 10:22  A land of darkness, as darkness itself;
and of the shadow of death,
without any order,
and  where the light is as darkness.

Job 15:23  He wandereth abroad for bread,  saying, Where  is it?
he knoweth that the day of darkness is ready at his hand.

Job 19:8  He hath fenced up my way that I cannot pass,
and he hath set darkness in my paths.

Job 20:26  All darkness shall be hid in his secret places:
a fire not blown shall consume him;
it shall go ill with him that is left in his tabernacle.

Job 23:17  Because I was not cut off before the darkness,
neither hath he covered the darkness from my face.

Job 38:9  When I made the cloud the garment thereof,
and thick darkness a swaddlingband for it,

Psa 18:9  He bowed the heavens also, and came down:
and darkness was under his feet.

Psa 18:11  He made darkness his secret place;
his pavilion round about him  were dark waters  and thick clouds of the skies.

Psa 97:2  Clouds and darkness  are round about him:
righteousness and judgment are the habitation of his throne.

Psa 107:10  Such as sit in darkness and in the shadow of death,
being bound in affliction and iron;

Psa 107:14  He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death,
and brake their bands in sunder.

Psa 139:11  If I say, Surely the darkness shall cover me;
even the night shall be light about me.

Psa 139:12  Yea, the darkness hideth not from thee;
but the night shineth as the day:
the darkness and the light are both alike to thee.

Isa 5:20  Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil;
that put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Isa 5:30  And in that day they shall roar against them like the roaring of the sea:
and if  one look unto the land, behold darkness and sorrow,
and the light is darkened in the heavens thereof.

Isa 9:2  The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light:
they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death,
upon them hath the light shined.

Isa 42:7  To open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the prison,
and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house.

Isa 42:16  And I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not;
I will lead them in paths that they have not known:
I will make darkness light before them,
and crooked things straight.
These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them.

Isa 58:10  And  if thou draw out thy soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul;
then shall thy light rise in obscurity,
and thy darkness be as the noonday:

Isa 60:2  For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people:
but the LORD shall arise upon thee,
and his glory shall be seen upon thee.

Eze 32:8  All the bright lights of heaven will I make dark over thee,
and set darkness upon thy land, saith the Lord GOD.

Joe 2:2  A day of darkness and of gloominess, a day of clouds and of thick darkness,
as the morning spread upon the mountains:
a great people and a strong;
there hath not been ever the like, neither shall be any more after it,
even to the years of many generations.

Nah 1:8  But with an overrunning flood he will make an utter end of the place thereof,
and darkness shall pursue his enemies.

Zep 1:15  That day  is a day of wrath, a day of trouble and distress,
a day of wasteness and desolation,
a day of darkness and gloominess,
a day of clouds and thick darkness,

Mat 4:16  The people which sat in darkness saw great light;
and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up.

Mat 27:45  Now from the sixth hour there was darkness
over all the land unto the ninth hour.

Mar 15:33  And when the sixth hour was come,
there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour.

Luk 1:79  To give light to them that sit in darkness and  in the shadow of death,
to guide our feet into the way of peace.

Luk 12:3  Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light;
and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets
shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.

Luk 23:44  And it was about the sixth hour,
and there was a darkness over all the earth until the ninth hour.

Joh 1:5  And the light shineth in darkness;
and the darkness comprehended it not.

Joh 3:19  And this is the condemnation,
that light is come into the world,
and men loved darkness rather than light,
because their deeds were evil.

Joh 12:35  Then Jesus said unto them, Yet a little while is the light with you.
Walk while ye have the light,
lest darkness come upon you:
for he that walketh in darkness knoweth not whither he goeth.

Act 26:18  To open their eyes,  and to turn  them from darkness to light,
and  from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins,
and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.

Eph 6:12  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,
but against principalities,
against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world,
against spiritual wickedness in high  places.

1Pe 2:9  But ye  are a chosen generation,
a royal priesthood,
an holy nation,
a peculiar people;
that ye should shew forth the praises of him
who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:

2Pe 2:17  These are wells without water,
clouds that are carried with a tempest;
to whom the mist of darkness is reserved for ever.

1Jo 1:5  This then is the message which we have heard of him,
and declare unto you,
that God is light,
and in him is no darkness at all.

1Jo 2:8  Again, a new commandment I write unto you,
which thing is true in him and in you:
because the darkness is past,
and the true light now shineth.

1Jo 2:9  He that saith he is in the light,
and hateth his brother,
is in darkness even until now.

1Jo 2:11  But he that hateth his brother is in darkness,
and walketh in darkness,
and knoweth not whither he goeth,
because that darkness hath blinded his eyes.

Jud 1:6  And the angels which kept not their first estate,
but left their own habitation,
he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness
unto the judgment of the great day.

Jud 1:13  Raging waves of the sea,
foaming out their own shame;
wandering stars,
to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever.

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