‘merry’ ….. mentioned in the Holy Bible (KJV)

MerryA merry heart doeth good like a medicine:
but a broken spirit drieth the bones. – Pro 17:22

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I am no preacher, but, am a prime sinner and living in this world in HIS mercy. For a sinner like me too, when I read “The Holy Bible” KJV,  the following verses were given in the context of “merry”.

Gen 43:34 And he took and sent messes unto them from before him:
but Benjamin’s mess was five times
so much as any of theirs.
And they drank, and were merry with him.

Jdg 9:27 And they went out into the fields,
and gathered their vineyards,
and trode the grapes,
and made merry,
and went into the house of their god,
and did eat and drink,
and cursed Abimelech.

Jdg 16:25 And it came to pass, when their hearts were merry, that they said,
Call for Samson, that he may make us sport.
And they called for Samson out of the prison house;
and he made them sport:
and they set him between the pillars.

Jdg 19:6 And they sat down,
and did eat and drink both of them together:
for the damsel’s father had said unto the man,
Be content, I pray thee, and tarry all night,
and let thine heart be merry.

Jdg 19:9 And when the man rose up to depart, he,
and his concubine,
and his servant, his father in law, the damsel’s father, said unto him, B
ehold, now the day draweth toward evening,
I pray you tarry all night:
behold, the day groweth to an end, lodge here,
that thine heart may be merry;
and to morrow get you early on your way,
that thou mayest go home.

Jdg 19:22 Now as they were making their hearts merry, behold,
the men of the city, certain sons of Belial,
beset the house round about,
and beat at the door,
and spake to the master of the house, the old man, saying,
Bring forth the man that came into thine house,
that we may know him.

Rth 3:7 And when Boaz had eaten and drunk,
and his heart was merry,
he went to lie down at the end of the heap of corn:
and she came softly,
and uncovered his feet,
and laid her down.

1Sa 25:36 And Abigail came to Nabal;
and, behold, he held a feast in his house, like the feast of a king;
and Nabal’s heart was merry within him,
for he was very drunken:
wherefore she told him nothing, less or more,
until the morning light.

2Sa 13:28 Now Absalom had commanded his servants, saying,
Mark ye now when Amnon’s heart is merry with wine,
and when I say unto you, Smite Amnon;
then kill him, fear not:
have not I commanded you?
be courageous, and be valiant.

1Ki 4:20 Judah and Israel were many,
as the sand which is by the sea in multitude,
eating and drinking, and making merry.

1Ki 21:7 And Jezebel his wife said unto him,
Dost thou now govern the kingdom of Israel? arise,
and eat bread, and let thine heart be merry:
I will give thee the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite.

2Ch 7:10 And on the three and twentieth day of the seventh month
he sent the people away into their tents,
glad and merry in heart for the goodness
that the LORD had shewed unto David,
and to Solomon, and to Israel his people.

Est 1:10 On the seventh day, when the heart of the king was merry with wine,
he commanded Mehuman, Biztha, Harbona, Bigtha,
and Abagtha, Zethar, and Carcas, the seven chamberlains
that served in the presence of Ahasuerus the king,

Pro 15:13 A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance:
but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.

Pro 15:15 All the days of the afflicted are evil:
but he that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast.

Pro 17:22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine:
but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

Ecc 8:15 Then I commended mirth,
because a man hath no better thing under the sun,
than to eat, and to drink, and to be merry:
for that shall abide with him of his labour the days of his life,
which God giveth him under the sun.

Ecc 9:7 Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy,
and drink thy wine with a merry heart;
for God now accepteth thy works.

Ecc 10:19 A feast is made for laughter,
and wine maketh merry:
but money answereth all things.

Isa 24:7 The new wine mourneth,
the vine languisheth,
all the merryhearted do sigh.

Jer 30:19 And out of them shall proceed thanksgiving
and the voice of them that make merry:
and I will multiply them,
and they shall not be few; I will also glorify them,
and they shall not be small.

Jer 31:4 Again I will build thee,
and thou shalt be built, O virgin of Israel:
thou shalt again be adorned with thy tabrets,
and shalt go forth in the dances of them that make merry.

Luk 12:19 And I will say to my soul, Soul,
thou hast much goods laid up for many years;
take thine ease, eat, drink,
and be merry.

Luk 15:23 And bring hither the fatted calf,
and kill it;
and let us eat,
and be merry:

Luk 15:24 For this my son was dead,
and is alive again;
he was lost, and is found.
And they began to be merry.

Luk 15:29 And he answering said to his father,
Lo, these many years do I serve thee,
neither transgressed I at any time thy commandment:
and yet thou never gavest me a kid,
that I might make merry with my friends:

Luk 15:32 It was meet that we should make merry,
and be glad: for this thy brother was dead,
and is alive again;
and was lost,
and is found.

Jam 5:13 Is any among you afflicted?
let him pray.
Is any merry?
let him sing psalms.

Rev 11:10 And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them,
and make merry,
and shall send gifts one to another;
because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth.

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About David Mathi Raj
I am engaged in the computer field since 1977, particularly in Documentation, Desktop Publishing & Training field since 1986. The design work provides me creative satisfaction and motivates me to look for more challenging activities. I have a taste for Technical Writing. Presently, I am a Freelancer. My SME (Subject-Matter Expert) is "The Holy Bible (KJV)" and publishing the "Subject" from the Holy Bible only. I use CorelDraw X5 & X6 to create my flyers. I emphasize, that, I am no preacher, I am nothing special, but, an average man. Personally, I am from the bottom of the society, Tamil speaking 'Adhi-Dravida' community in Tamil Nadu, India. Father was Head-master of a municipal Higher Secondary School, passed at the age of 50 (05/05/1922 – 03/07/1972). Mother was a Teacher in a Municipal Higher Secondary School, passed after her retirement (08/04/1927 – 17/12/1993). Now I am living in New Delhi, India.

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