‘fountain’ ….. mentioned in the Holy Bible (KJV)

The law of the wise is a fountain of life,…..
     The fear of the LORD is a fountain of life,
          to depart from the snares of death.
                – Pro 13:14 & Pro 14:27

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I am no preacher, but, am a prime sinner and living in this world in HIS mercy. For a sinner like me too, when I read “The Holy Bible” KJV,  the following verses were given in the context of “fountain”.

Gen 7:11 In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life,
in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month,
the same day were
all the fountains of the great deep broken up,
and the windows of heaven were opened.

Gen 8:2 The fountains also of the deep
and the windows of heaven were stopped,
and the rain from heaven was restrained;

Gen 16:7 And the angel of the LORD found her
by a fountain of water in the wilderness,
by the fountain in the way to Shur.

Lev 11:36 Nevertheless a fountain or pit,
wherein there is plenty of water, shall be clean:
but that which toucheth their carcase shall be unclean.

Lev 20:18 And if a man shall lie
with a woman having her sickness,
and shall uncover her nakedness;
he hath discovered her fountain,
and she hath uncovered the fountain of her blood:
and both of them shall be cut off from among their people.

Num 33:9 And they removed from Marah,
and came unto Elim:
and in Elim were twelve fountains of water,
and threescore and ten palm trees;
and they pitched there.

Deu 8:7 For the LORD thy God bringeth thee into a good land,
a land of brooks of water, of fountains and depths
that spring out of valleys and hills;

Deu 33:28 Israel then shall dwell in safety alone:
the fountain of Jacob shall be upon a land of corn and wine;
also his heavens shall drop down dew.

Jos 15:9 And the border was drawn from the top of the hill
unto the fountain of the water of Nephtoah,
and went out to the cities of mount Ephron;
and the border was drawn to Baalah, which is Kirjathjearim:

1Sa 29:1 Now the Philistines gathered together
all their armies to Aphek:
and the Israelites pitched
by a fountain
which is in Jezreel.

1Ki 18:5 And Ahab said unto Obadiah, Go into the land,
unto all fountains of water,
and unto all brooks: peradventure
we may find grass to save the horses and mules alive,
that we lose not all the beasts.

2Ch 32:3 He took counsel with his princes
and his mighty men to stop the waters of the fountains
which were without the city: and they did help him.

2Ch 32:4 So there was gathered much people together,
who stopped all the fountains,
and the brook that ran through the midst of the land, saying,
Why should the kings of Assyria come,
and find much water?

Neh 2:14 Then I went on to the gate of the fountain,
and to the king’s pool:
but there was no place
for the beast that was under me to pass.

Neh 3:15 But the gate of the fountain repaired Shallun
the son of Colhozeh, the ruler of part of Mizpah;
he built it,
and covered it,
and set up the doors thereof, the locks thereof,
and the bars thereof,
and the wall of the pool of Siloah by the king’s garden,
and unto the stairs that go down from the city of David.

Neh 12:37 And at the fountain gate,
which was over against them, they went up
by the stairs of the city of David,
at the going up of the wall,
above the house of David,
even unto the water gate eastward.

Psa 36:9 For with thee is the fountain of life:
in thy light shall we see light.

Psa 68:26 Bless ye God in the congregations,
even the Lord, from the fountain of Israel.

Psa 74:15 Thou didst cleave the fountain and the flood:
thou driedst up mighty rivers.

Psa 114:8 Which turned the rock into a standing water,
the flint into a fountain of waters.

Pro 5:16 Let thy fountains be dispersed abroad,
and rivers of waters in the streets.

Pro 5:18 Let thy fountain be blessed:
and rejoice with the wife of thy youth.

Pro 8:24 When there were no depths,
I was brought forth;
when there were no fountains abounding with water.

Pro 8:28 When he established the clouds above:
when he strengthened the fountains of the deep:

Pro 13:14 The law of the wise is a fountain of life,
to depart from the snares of death.

Pro 14:27 The fear of the LORD is a fountain of life,
to depart from the snares of death.

Pro 25:26 A righteous man falling down before
the wicked is as a troubled fountain,
and a corrupt spring.

Ecc 12:6 Or ever the silver cord be loosed,
or the golden bowl be broken,
or the pitcher be broken at the fountain,
or the wheel broken at the cistern.

Son 4:12 A garden inclosed is my sister, my spouse;
a spring shut up, a fountain sealed.

Son 4:15 A fountain of gardens,
a well of living waters,
and streams from Lebanon.

Isa 41:18 I will open rivers in high places,
and fountains in the midst of the valleys:
I will make the wilderness a pool of water,
and the dry land springs of water.

Jer 2:13 For my people have committed two evils;
they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters,
and hewed them out cisterns,
broken cisterns, that can hold no water.

Jer 6:7 As a fountain casteth out her waters,
so she casteth out her wickedness:
violence and spoil is heard in her;
before me continually is grief and wounds.

Jer 9:1 Oh that my head were waters,
and mine eyes a fountain of tears,
that I might weep day and night
for the slain of the daughter of my people!

Jer 17:13 O LORD, the hope of Israel,
all that forsake thee shall be ashamed,
and they that depart from me
shall be written in the earth,
because they have forsaken the LORD,
the fountain of living waters.

Hos 13:15 Though he be fruitful among his brethren,
an east wind shall come,
the wind of the LORD shall come up from the wilderness,
and his spring shall become dry,
and his fountain shall be dried up:
he shall spoil the treasure of all pleasant vessels.

Joe 3:18 And it shall come to pass in that day,
that the mountains shall drop down new wine,
and the hills shall flow with milk,
and all the rivers of Judah shall flow with waters,
and a fountain shall come forth of the house of the LORD,
and shall water the valley of Shittim.

Zec 13:1 In that day there shall be a fountain
opened to the house of David
and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem
for sin and for uncleanness.

Mar 5:29 And straightway
the fountain of her blood was dried up;
and she felt in her body that she was healed of that plague.

Jam 3:11 Doth a fountain send forth
at the same place sweet water and bitter?

Jam 3:12 Can the fig tree, my brethren,
bear olive berries?
either a vine, figs?
so can no fountain both yield salt water and fresh.

Rev 7:17 For the Lamb which is
in the midst of the throne shall feed them,
and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters:
and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.

Rev 8:10 And the third angel sounded,
and there fell a great star from heaven,
burning as it were a lamp,
and it fell upon the third part of the rivers,
and upon the fountains of waters;

Rev 14:7 Saying with a loud voice, Fear God,
and give glory to him;
for the hour of his judgment is come:
and worship him that made heaven,
and earth,
and the sea,
and the fountains of waters.

Rev 16:4 And the third angel poured out his vial
upon the rivers and fountains of waters;
and they became blood.

Rev 21:6 And he said unto me, It is done.
I am Alpha and Omega,
the beginning and the end.
I will give unto him that is
athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.

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