“stretched forth” … mentioned in the Holy Bible (KJV)

And Moses stretched forth his hand toward heaven;
and there was a thick darkness
in all the land of Egypt three days:– . Exo 10:22

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I am no preacher, but, am a prime sinner and living in this world in HIS mercy. For a sinner like me too, when I read “The Holy Bible” KJV, the following verses were given in the context of stretched forth.

Gen 22:10 And Abraham stretched forth his hand,
and took the knife to slay his son.

Exo 9:23 And Moses stretched forth his rod toward heaven:
and the LORD sent thunder and hail,
and the fire ran along upon the ground;
and the LORD rained hail upon the land of Egypt.

Exo 10:13 And Moses stretched forth his rod
over the land of Egypt,
and the LORD brought an east wind
upon the land all that day,
and all that night;
and when it was morning,
the east wind brought the locusts.

Exo 10:22 And Moses stretched forth
his hand toward heaven;
and there was a thick darkness
in all the land of Egypt three days:

Exo 14:27 And Moses stretched forth
his hand over the sea,
and the sea returned to his strength
when the morning appeared;
and the Egyptians fled against it;
and the LORD overthrew the Egyptians
in the midst of the sea.

1Ki 6:27 And he set the cherubims within the inner house:
and they stretched forth the wings of the cherubims,
so that the wing of the one touched the one wall,
and the wing of the other cherub touched the other wall;
and their wings touched one another
in the midst of the house.

Isa 3:16 Moreover the LORD saith,
Because the daughters of Zion are haughty,
and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes,
walking and mincing as they go,
and making a tinkling with their feet:

Isa 5:25 Therefore is the anger of the LORD kindled against his people,
and he hath stretched forth his hand against them,
and hath smitten them: and the hills did tremble,
and their carcases were torn in the midst of the streets.
For all this his anger is not turned away,
but his hand is stretched out still.

Isa 51:13 And forgettest the LORD thy maker,
that hath stretched forth the heavens,
and laid the foundations of the earth;
and hast feared continually every day
because of the fury of the oppressor,
as if he were ready to destroy?
and where is the fury of the oppressor?

Eze 1:22 And the likeness of the firmament
upon the heads of the living creature was
as the colour of the terrible crystal,
stretched forth over their heads above.

Eze 10:7 And one cherub stretched forth his hand
from between the cherubims unto the fire
that was between the cherubims,
and took thereof,
and put it into the hands of him
that was clothed with linen:
who took it,
and went out.

Zec 1:16 Therefore thus saith the LORD;
I am returned to Jerusalem with mercies:
my house shall be built in it, saith the LORD of hosts,
and a line shall be stretched forth upon Jerusalem.

Mat 12:49 And he stretched forth his hand
toward his disciples,
and said, Behold my mother
and my brethren!

Mat 14:31 And immediately
Jesus stretched forth his hand,
and caught him,
and said unto him, O thou of little faith,
wherefore didst thou doubt?

Luk 22:53 When I was daily with you in the temple,
ye stretched forth no hands against me:
but this is your hour,
and the power of darkness.

Act 12:1 Now about that time Herod the king
stretched forth his hands
to vex certain of the church.

Act 26:1 Then Agrippa said unto Paul,
Thou art permitted to speak for thyself.
Then Paul stretched forth the hand,
and answered for himself:

Rom 10:21 But to Israel he saith,
All day long I have stretched forth my hands
unto a disobedient and gainsaying people.

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About David Mathi Raj Samuel
I am engaged in the computer field since 1977, particularly in Documentation, Desktop Publishing & Training field since 1986. The design work provides me creative satisfaction and motivates me to look for more challenging activities. I have a taste for Technical Writing. Presently, I am a Freelancer. My SME (Subject-Matter Expert) is "The Holy Bible (KJV)" and publishing the "Subject" from the Holy Bible only. I use CorelDraw X5 & X6 to create my flyers. I emphasize, that, I am no preacher, I am nothing special, but, an average man. Personally, I am from the bottom of the society, Tamil speaking 'Adhi-Dravida' community in Tamil Nadu, India. Father was Head-master of a municipal Higher Secondary School, passed at the age of 50 (05/05/1922 – 03/07/1972). Mother was a Teacher in a Municipal Higher Secondary School, passed after her retirement (08/04/1927 – 17/12/1993). Now I am living in New Delhi, India.

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