‘Ruler’ ….. mentioned in the Old Testament (KJV)

Thou shalt not revile the gods,
nor curse the ruler of thy people. – Exo 22:28

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I am no preacher, but, am a prime sinner and living in this world in HIS mercy. For a sinner like me too, when I read “The Holy Bible” KJV, the following verses were given in the context of “Ruler”.

Gen 41:43 And he made him to ride
in the second chariot which he had;
and they cried before him, Bow the knee:
and he made him ruler over all the land of Egypt.

Gen 43:16 And when Joseph saw Benjamin with them,
he said to the ruler of his house,
Bring these men home,
and slay,
and make ready;
for these men shall dine with me at noon.

Gen 45:8 So now it was not you
that sent me hither, but God:
and he hath made me a father to Pharaoh,
and lord of all his house,
and a ruler throughout all the land of Egypt.

Gen 47:6 The land of Egypt is before thee;
in the best of the land make thy father
and brethren to dwell;
in the land of Goshen let them dwell:
and if thou knowest any men of activity among them,
then make them rulers over my cattle.
Exo 16:22 And it came to pass,
that on the sixth day they gathered twice
as much bread, two omers for one man:
and all the rulers of the congregation came and told Moses.
Exo 18:21 Moreover thou shalt provide
out of all the people able men,
such as fear God,
men of truth,
hating covetousness;
and place such over them, to be rulers of thousands,
and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties,
and rulers of tens:

Exo 18:25 And Moses chose able men out of all Israel,
and made them heads over the people,
rulers of thousands,
rulers of hundreds,
rulers of fifties,
and rulers of tens.

Exo 22:28 Thou shalt not revile the gods,
nor curse the ruler of thy people.

Exo 34:31 And Moses called unto them;
and Aaron and all the rulers of
the congregation returned unto him:
and Moses talked with them.

Exo 35:27 And the rulers brought onyx stones,
and stones to be set, for the ephod,
and for the breastplate;

Lev 4:22 When a ruler hath sinned,
and done somewhat through ignorance against
any of the commandments of the LORD his God
concerning things which should not be done,
and is guilty;

Num 13:2 Send thou men,
that they may search the land of Canaan,
which I give unto the children of Israel:
of every tribe of their fathers shall ye send a man,
every one a ruler among them.

Deu 1:13 Take you wise men,
and understanding,
and known among your tribes,
and I will make them rulers over you.

Jdg 9:30 And when Zebul the ruler of the city
heard the words of Gaal the son of Ebed,
his anger was kindled.

Jdg 15:11 Then three thousand men of Judah
went to the top of the rock Etam,
and said to Samson, Knowest thou not
that the Philistines are rulers over us?
what is this that thou hast done unto us?
And he said unto them,
As they did unto me,
so have I done unto them.

1Sa 25:30 And it shall come to pass,
when the LORD shall have done to my lord
according to all the good that he hath spoken concerning thee,
and shall have appointed thee ruler over Israel;

2Sa 6:21 And David said unto Michal,
It was before the LORD,
which chose me before thy father,
and before all his house,
to appoint me ruler over the people of the LORD, over Israel:
therefore will I play before the LORD.

2Sa 7:8 Now therefore so shalt thou say unto my servant David,
Thus saith the LORD of hosts,
I took thee from the sheepcote,
from following the sheep,
to be ruler over my people, over Israel:

2Sa 8:18 And Benaiah the son of Jehoiada was
over both the Cherethites and the Pelethites;
and David’s sons were chief rulers.

2Sa 20:26 And Ira also the Jairite was a chief ruler about David.

1Ki 1:35 Then ye shall come up after him,
that he may come and sit upon my throne;
for he shall be king in my stead:
and I have appointed him to be ruler
over Israel and over Judah.

1Ki 9:22 But of the children of Israel
did Solomon make no bondmen:
but they were men of war,
and his servants,
and his princes,
and his captains,
and rulers of his chariots,
and his horsemen.
1Ki 11:28 And the man Jeroboam was a mighty man of valour:
and Solomon seeing the young man that he was industrious,
he made him ruler over all the charge of the house of Joseph.

2Ki 10:1 And Ahab had seventy sons in Samaria.
And Jehu wrote letters,
and sent to Samaria, unto the rulers of Jezreel, to the elders,
and to them that brought up Ahab’s children, saying,

2Ki 11:4 And the seventh year Jehoiada sent
and fetched the rulers over hundreds,
with the captains and the guard,
and brought them to him into the house of the LORD,
and made a covenant with them,
and took an oath of them in the house of the LORD,
and shewed them the king’s son.

2Ki 11:19 And he took the rulers over hundreds,
and the captains,
and the guard,
and all the people of the land;
and they brought down the king
from the house of the LORD,
and came by the way of the gate of the guard to the king’s house.
And he sat on the throne of the kings.

2Ki 25:22 And as for the people
that remained in the land of Judah,
whom Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon had left,
even over them he made Gedaliah the son of Ahikam,
the son of Shaphan, ruler.

1Ch 5:2 For Judah prevailed above his brethren,
and of him came the chief ruler;
but the birthright was Joseph’s:

1Ch 9:11 And Azariah the son of Hilkiah,
the son of Meshullam, the son of Zadok,
the son of Meraioth, the son of Ahitub,
the ruler of the house of God;

1Ch 9:20 And Phinehas the son of Eleazar was
the ruler over them in time past,
and the LORD was with him.

1Ch 11:2 And moreover in time past,
even when Saul was king,
thou wast he that leddest out and broughtest in Israel:
and the LORD thy God said unto thee,
Thou shalt feed my people Israel,
and thou shalt be ruler over my people Israel.

1Ch 17:7 Now therefore thus shalt thou say
unto my servant David, Thus saith the LORD of hosts,
I took thee from the sheepcote,
even from following the sheep,
that thou shouldest be ruler over my people Israel:

1Ch 21:2 And David said to Joab and to the rulers of the people,
Go, number Israel from Beersheba even to Dan;
and bring the number of them to me, that I may know it.

1Ch 26:24 And Shebuel the son of Gershom,
the son of Moses,
was ruler of the treasures.

1Ch 26:32 And his brethren,
men of valour,
were two thousand and seven hundred chief fathers,
whom king David made rulers over the Reubenites, the Gadites,
and the half tribe of Manasseh,
for every matter pertaining to God,
and affairs of the king.

1Ch 27:4 And over the course of the
second month was Dodai an Ahohite,
and of his course was Mikloth also the ruler:
in his course likewise were twenty and four thousand.

1Ch 27:16 Furthermore over the tribes of Israel:
the ruler of the Reubenites was Eliezer the son of Zichri:
of the Simeonites, Shephatiah the son of Maachah:

1Ch 27:31 And over the flocks was Jaziz the Hagerite.
All these were the rulers of the substance which was king David’s.

1Ch 28:4 Howbeit the LORD God of Israel
chose me before all the house of my father
to be king over Israel for ever:
for he hath chosen Judah to be the ruler;
and of the house of Judah, the house of my father;
and among the sons of my father
he liked me to make me king over all Israel:
1Ch 29:6 Then the chief of the fathers
and princes of the tribes of Israel,
and the captains of thousands and of hundreds,
with the rulers of the king’s work, offered willingly,

2Ch 6:5 Since the day that I brought forth my people
out of the land of Egypt I chose no city
among all the tribes of Israel to build an house in,
that my name might be there;
neither chose I any man to be a ruler over my people Israel:

2Ch 7:18 Then will I stablish the throne of thy kingdom,
according as I have covenanted with David thy father,
saying, There shall not fail thee a man to be ruler in Israel.

2Ch 11:22 And Rehoboam made Abijah
the son of Maachah the chief,
to be ruler among his brethren:
for he thought to make him king.

2Ch 19:11 And, behold, Amariah the chief priest
is over you in all matters of the LORD;
and Zebadiah the son of Ishmael,
the ruler of the house of Judah,
for all the king’s matters:
also the Levites shall be officers before you.
Deal courageously,
and the LORD shall be with the good.

2Ch 26:11 Moreover Uzziah had an host of fighting men,
that went out to war by bands,
according to the number of their account
by the hand of Jeiel the scribe and Maaseiah the ruler,
under the hand of Hananiah, one of the king’s captains.

2Ch 29:20 Then Hezekiah the king rose early,
and gathered the rulers of the city,
and went up to the house of the LORD.

2Ch 31:12 And brought in the offerings
and the tithes and the dedicated things faithfully:
over which Cononiah the Levite was ruler,
and Shimei his brother was the next.

2Ch 31:13 And Jehiel,
and Azaziah,
and Nahath,
and Asahel,
and Jerimoth,
and Jozabad,
and Eliel,
and Ismachiah,
and Mahath,
and Benaiah, were overseers under
the hand of Cononiah and Shimei his brother,
at the commandment of Hezekiah the king,
and Azariah the ruler of the house of God.

2Ch 35:8 And his princes gave willingly
unto the people, to the priests,
and to the Levites:
Hilkiah and Zechariah and Jehiel,
rulers of the house of God,
gave unto the priests for the passover offerings
two thousand and six hundred small cattle,
and three hundred oxen.

Ezr 9:2 For they have taken of their daughters for themselves,
and for their sons:
so that the holy seed have mingled themselves
with the people of those lands:
yea, the hand of the princes
and rulers hath been chief in this trespass.

Ezr 10:14 Let now our rulers of all the congregation stand,
and let all them which have taken strange wives
in our cities come at appointed times,
and with them the elders of every city,
and the judges thereof,
until the fierce wrath of our God
for this matter be turned from us.

Neh 2:16 And the rulers knew not whither I went,
or what I did;
neither had I as yet told it to the Jews,
nor to the priests,
nor to the nobles,
nor to the rulers,
nor to the rest that did the work.

Neh 3:9 And next unto them repaired
Rephaiah the son of Hur,
the ruler of the half part of Jerusalem.

Neh 3:12 And next unto him repaired
Shallum the son of Halohesh,
the ruler of the half part of Jerusalem,
he and his daughters.

Neh 3:14 But the dung gate repaired
Malchiah the son of Rechab,
the ruler of part of Bethhaccerem; he built it,
and set up the doors thereof, the locks thereof,
and the bars thereof.

Neh 3:15 But the gate of the fountain repaired Shallun
the son of Colhozeh,
the ruler of part of Mizpah; he built it,
and covered it,
and set up the doors thereof, the locks thereof,
and the bars thereof,
and the wall of the pool of Siloah by the king’s garden,
and unto the stairs that go down from the city of David.

Neh 3:16 After him repaired Nehemiah the son of Azbuk,
the ruler of the half part of Bethzur,
unto the place over against the sepulchres of David,
and to the pool that was made,
and unto the house of the mighty.

Neh 3:17 After him repaired the Levites,
Rehum the son of Bani.
Next unto him repaired Hashabiah,
the ruler of the half part of Keilah, in his part.

Neh 3:18 After him repaired their brethren,
Bavai the son of Henadad,
the ruler of the half part of Keilah.

Neh 3:19 And next to him repaired Ezer the son of Jeshua,
the ruler of Mizpah,
another piece over against the going up
to the armoury at the turning of the wall.

Neh 4:14 And I looked,
and rose up,
and said unto the nobles,
and to the rulers,
and to the rest of the people, Be not ye afraid of them:
remember the Lord, which is great and terrible,
and fight for your brethren, your sons,
and your daughters, your wives,
and your houses.

Neh 4:16 And it came to pass from that time forth,
that the half of my servants wrought in the work,
and the other half of them held both the spears, the shields,
and the bows,
and the habergeons;
and the rulers were behind all the house of Judah.

Neh 4:19 And I said unto the nobles,
and to the rulers,
and to the rest of the people,
The work is great and large,
and we are separated upon the wall,
one far from another.

Neh 5:7 Then I consulted with myself,
and I rebuked the nobles,
and the rulers,
and said unto them, Ye exact usury,
every one of his brother.
And I set a great assembly against them.

Neh 5:17 Moreover there were at my table
an hundred and fifty of the Jews and rulers,
beside those that came unto us
from among the heathen that are about us.

Neh 7:2 That I gave my brother Hanani,
and Hananiah the ruler of the palace,
charge over Jerusalem:
for he was a faithful man,
and feared God above many.

Neh 7:5 And my God put into mine heart
to gather together the nobles,
and the rulers,
and the people,
that they might be reckoned by genealogy.
And I found a register of the genealogy of them
which came up at the first,
and found written therein,

Neh 11:1 And the rulers of the people dwelt at Jerusalem:
the rest of the people also cast lots,
to bring one of ten to dwell in Jerusalem the holy city,
and nine parts to dwell in other cities.

Neh 11:11 Seraiah the son of Hilkiah,
the son of Meshullam, the son of Zadok,
the son of Meraioth, the son of Ahitub,
was the ruler of the house of God.

Neh 12:40 So stood the two companies of them
that gave thanks in the house of God,
and I,
and the half of the rulers with me:

Neh 13:11 Then contended I with the rulers,
and said, Why is the house of God forsaken?
And I gathered them together,
and set them in their place.

Est 3:12 Then were the king’s scribes called on t
he thirteenth day of the first month,
and there was written according to all that
Haman had commanded unto the king’s lieutenants,
and to the governors that were over every province,
and to the rulers of every people of every province
according to the writing thereof,
and to every people after their language;
in the name of king Ahasuerus was it written,
and sealed with the king’s ring.

Est 8:9 Then were the king’s scribes called
at that time in the third month,
that is, the month Sivan,
on the three and twentieth day thereof;
and it was written according to all
that Mordecai commanded unto the Jews,
and to the lieutenants,
and the deputies and rulers of the provinces
which are from India unto Ethiopia,
an hundred twenty and seven provinces,
unto every province according to the writing thereof,
and unto every people after their language,
and to the Jews according to their writing,
and according to their language.

Est 9:3 And all the rulers of the provinces,
and the lieutenants,
and the deputies,
and officers of the king, helped the Jews;
because the fear of Mordecai fell upon them.

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