“will i give” … mentioned in The Holy Bible (KJV).

Therefore will I give thanks unto thee,
O LORD, among the heathen,
and sing praises unto thy name. – Psa 18:49 

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I am no preacher, but, am a prime sinner and living in this world in HIS mercy. For a sinner like me too, when I read “The Holy Bible” KJV, the following verses were given in the context of will i give“.

Gen 12:7 And the LORD appeared unto Abram,
and said, Unto thy seed will I give this land:
and there builded he an altar unto the LORD,
who appeared unto him.

Gen 13:15 For all the land which thou seest,
to thee will I give it,
and to thy seed for ever.

Gen 24:7 The LORD God of heaven,
which took me from my father’s house,
and from the land of my kindred,
and which spake unto me,
and that sware unto me, saying,
Unto thy seed will I give this land;
he shall send his angel before thee,
and thou shalt take a wife unto my son from thence.

Gen 28:13 And, behold, the LORD stood above it,
and said, I am the LORD God of Abraham thy father,
and the God of Isaac: the land whereon thou liest,
to thee will I give it,
and to thy seed;

Gen 35:12 And the land
which I gave Abraham and Isaac,
to thee I will give it,
and to thy seed after thee will I give the land.

Exo 32:13 Remember Abraham, Isaac,
and Israel, thy servants,
to whom thou swarest by thine own self,
and saidst unto them,
I will multiply your seed as the stars of heaven,
and all this land that I have spoken of
will I give unto your seed,
and they shall inherit it for ever.

Exo 33:1 And the LORD said unto Moses,
Depart, and go up hence,
thou and the people which thou hast brought up
out of the land of Egypt,
unto the land which I sware unto Abraham, to Isaac,
and to Jacob, saying, Unto thy seed will I give it:

Deu 1:36 Save Caleb the son of Jephunneh;
he shall see it,
and to him will I give the land
that he hath trodden upon,
and to his children,
because he hath wholly followed the LORD.

Deu 1:39 Moreover your little ones,
which ye said should be a prey,
and your children,
which in that day had no knowledge
between good and evil,
they shall go in thither,
and unto them will I give it,
and they shall possess it.

Jos 15:16 And Caleb said, He that smiteth Kirjathsepher,
and taketh it, to him will I give Achsah my daughter to wife.

Jdg 1:12 And Caleb said, He that smiteth Kirjathsepher,
and taketh it, to him will I give Achsah my daughter to wife.

1Sa 9:8 And the servant answered Saul again,
and said, Behold, I have here at hand
the fourth part of a shekel of silver:
that will I give to the man of God,
to tell us our way.

1Sa 18:17 And Saul said to David,
Behold my elder daughter Merab,
her will I give thee to wife:
only be thou valiant for me,
and fight the LORD’S battles.
For Saul said, Let not mine hand be upon him,
but let the hand of the Philistines be upon him.

1Ki 5:6 Now therefore command thou
that they hew me cedar trees out of Lebanon;
and my servants shall be with thy servants:
and unto thee will I give hire for thy servants
according to all that thou shalt appoint:
for thou knowest that there is not among us
any that can skill to hew timber like unto the Sidonians.

1Ki 11:36 And unto his son will I give one tribe,
that David my servant may have a light
alway before me in Jerusalem,
the city which I have chosen me to put my name there.

1Ch 16:18 Saying, Unto thee will I give the land of Canaan,
the lot of your inheritance;

Psa 18:49 Therefore will I give thanks unto thee,
O LORD, among the heathen,
and sing praises unto thy name.

Psa 105:11 Saying, Unto thee will I give the land of Canaan,
the lot of your inheritance:

Son 7:12 Let us get up early to the vineyards;
let us see if the vine flourish,
whether the tender grape appear,
and the pomegranates bud forth:
there will I give thee my loves.

Isa 10:6 I will send him against an hypocritical nation,
and against the people of my wrath
will I give him a charge,
to take the spoil,
and to take the prey,
and to tread them down like the mire of the streets.

Isa 19:4 And the Egyptians will I give over
into the hand of a cruel lord;
and a fierce king shall rule over them,
saith the Lord, the LORD of hosts.

Isa 43:4 Since thou wast precious in my sight,
thou hast been honourable,
and I have loved thee: therefore will I give men for thee,
and people for thy life.

Isa 56:5 Even unto them will I give in mine house
and within my walls a place
and a name better than of sons
and of daughters:
I will give them an everlasting name,
that shall not be cut off.

Jer 4:12 Even a full wind from those places
shall come unto me:
now also will I give sentence against them.

Jer 8:10 Therefore will I give their wives unto others,
and their fields to them that shall inherit them:
for every one from the least even unto the greatest
is given to covetousness,
from the prophet even unto the priest
every one dealeth falsely.

Jer 15:13 Thy substance and thy treasures
will I give to the spoil without price,
and that for all thy sins, even in all thy borders.

Jer 19:7 And I will make void the counsel of Judah
and Jerusalem in this place;
and I will cause them to fall by the sword before their enemies,
and by the hands of them that seek their lives:
and their carcases will I give to be meat
for the fowls of the heaven,
and for the beasts of the earth.

Jer 20:5 Moreover I will deliver all the strength of this city,
and all the labours thereof,
and all the precious things thereof,
and all the treasures of the kings of Judah
will I give into the hand of their enemies,
which shall spoil them,
and take them,
and carry them to Babylon.

Jer 24:8 And as the evil figs, which cannot be eaten,
they are so evil; surely thus saith the LORD,
So will I give Zedekiah the king of Judah,
and his princes,
and the residue of Jerusalem,
that remain in this land,
and them that dwell in the land of Egypt:

Jer 30:16 Therefore all they that devour thee shall be devoured;
and all thine adversaries,
every one of them,
shall go into captivity;
and they that spoil thee shall be a spoil,
and all that prey upon thee will I give for a prey.

Jer 34:21 And Zedekiah king of Judah
and his princes will I give into the hand of their enemies,
and into the hand of them that seek their life,
and into the hand of the king of Babylon’s army,
which are gone up from you.

Jer 38:16 So Zedekiah the king sware secretly unto Jeremiah,
saying, As the LORD liveth, that made us this soul,
I will not put thee to death,
neither will I give thee
into the hand of these men that seek thy life.

Jer 45:5 And seekest thou great things for thyself?
seek them not:
for, behold, I will bring evil upon all flesh, saith the LORD:
but thy life will I give unto thee for a prey
in all places whither thou goest.

Eze 15:6 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD;
As the vine tree among the trees of the forest,
which I have given to the fire for fuel,
so will I give the inhabitants of Jerusalem.

Eze 23:31 Thou hast walked in the way of thy sister;
therefore will I give her cup into thine hand.

Eze 33:27 Say thou thus unto them,
Thus saith the Lord GOD;
As I live, surely they that are in the wastes
shall fall by the sword,
and him that is in the open field will I give
to the beasts to be devoured,
and they that be in the forts
and in the caves shall die of the pestilence.

Eze 36:26 A new heart also will I give you,
and a new spirit will I put within you:
and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh,
and I will give you an heart of flesh.

Mic 6:14 Thou shalt eat, but not be satisfied;
and thy casting down shall be in the midst of thee;
and thou shalt take hold,
but shalt not deliver;
and that which thou deliverest will I give up to the sword.

Hag 2:9 The glory of this latter house
shall be greater than of the former,
saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace,
saith the LORD of hosts.

Mat 4:9 And saith unto him,
All these things will I give thee,
if thou wilt fall down and worship me.

Luk 4:6 And the devil said unto him,
All this power will I give thee,
and the glory of them:
for that is delivered unto me;
and to whomsoever I will I give it.

Rev 2:7 He that hath an ear,
let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches;
To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life,
which is in the midst of the paradise of God.

Rev 2:17 He that hath an ear,
let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches;
To him that overcometh will I give
to eat of the hidden manna,
and will give him a white stone,
and in the stone a new name written,
which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.

Rev 2:26 And he that overcometh,
and keepeth my works unto the end,
to him will I give power over the nations:

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About David Mathi Raj Samuel
I am engaged in the computer field since 1977, particularly in Documentation, Desktop Publishing & Training field since 1986. The design work provides me creative satisfaction and motivates me to look for more challenging activities. I have a taste for Technical Writing. Presently, I am a Freelancer. My SME (Subject-Matter Expert) is "The Holy Bible (KJV)" and publishing the "Subject" from the Holy Bible only. I use CorelDraw X5 & X6 to create my flyers. I emphasize, that, I am no preacher, I am nothing special, but, an average man. Personally, I am from the bottom of the society, Tamil speaking 'Adhi-Dravida' community in Tamil Nadu, India. Father was Head-master of a municipal Higher Secondary School, passed at the age of 50 (05/05/1922 – 03/07/1972). Mother was a Teacher in a Municipal Higher Secondary School, passed after her retirement (08/04/1927 – 17/12/1993). Now I am living in New Delhi, India.

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